This room made Andre move to Alesund

This room made Andre move to Alesund

Omelette and Prosecco

But on the day he moved in 2007, doubts still creep in the road south.

– When I drove the moving cargo from Trondheim, it was raining as only in the northwest and the fog was very low. On the radio, a line from Ibsen’s “Rosmersholm” appeared on P2, not a very cheerful theatrical piece. In Ørskog, I wondered what I did and only stayed in Trondheim with my friends. But the next day it was great with the sun from the blue sky. Walked by Cavatelli, which is today’s Anno, then thought how great it is that the small town has outdoor seating. So I sat down, ate an omelette, took a glass of prosecco, read Morgenbladet and thought this could be good.

At last I saw that Alsund had a number of continental qualities, even though it was a small town. It wasn’t long before I settled down. The people were also very welcoming and really interested in what you have to contribute. Olison became my home.

Many options

For Volden, a good city should have:

It should have some options, but this will vary depending on who you ask. But I’m interested in culture and I think it’s important to have more options in this area. I think when you miss something, and you can’t cover everything, you start dealing with quality that matters. That is, for example, you have to prioritize one concert over another. There are so many good restaurants that there is more to choose from. It is also important to have a city in which to use the city.

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