It can reach 20 degrees. Then the rain comes.

It can reach 20 degrees.  Then the rain comes.

– We don’t have a very good week, but we can be lucky with rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, says the meteorologist.

There will be plenty of weather in the next few days. The photo is from last week, when large amounts of rain led to surface waters in several places.
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Tonight a meteorologist warns of strong winds, especially indoors, but then it could get warmer.

The light air comes from the southern parts of Europe. Locally, the temperature can reach twenty degrees, says Asloj Skalevik Valved, a meteorologist on duty at the Meteorological Institute.

The reason for the high temperature is that hot and humid southern winds are on their way to Europe. When the air passes over the mountains, it creates the so-called drying effect, where the hot air is pushed down on the lee side of the mountains and the temperature rises.

Meteorologists warn of strong winds from Monday. Winds of up to 25-30 m/s are expected.

Remember to secure loose objects, meteorologists write on Twitter.

During the day, a light gale is blowing from the southeast, with a strong gale later in the evening.

It could be thunder

A low-temperature, cold front will converge along the coast, meteorologist Valved says late Monday.

“Only when that frontman goes to the beach tomorrow night, can there be a danger of thunder,” she says.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute has released this wind forecast for Monday and Tuesday:

On the other hand, Tuesday will be quieter, but strong storms will continue.

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– I cannot fully guarantee that it will be completely dry, because the rains linger. Stays likely, with showers all evening.

rainy periods

On Wednesday, low sea pressure was announced along the coast.

“Hopefully it’s out at sea and there won’t be much rain on land,” says Valved.

Then it returns to normal autumn with periodic precipitation throughout the week.

Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days, although there are likely to be windy periods, according to the meteorologist.

Next week, warm air will reach Europe, according to meteorologists.

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