Corona virus – the chief doctor’s concern after infection

Corona virus - the chief doctor’s concern after infection

Double the death toll, triple the number of intensive care patients, and quadruple the number of people diagnosed with coronavirus.

This is how the Swede sums it up Aftonbladet newspaper This fall compared to last year.

In weeks 34 to 37 last year, 5,811 Swedes became infected, hospitals admitted 31 new patients in intensive care, and 54 people died of COVID-19.

In the same weeks this year, the numbers were significantly higher: 28,179 people were infected, 128 were admitted to the intensive care unit, and 107 died, according to statistics from the Swedish National Institute of Public Health.

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25% have not been vaccinated

September 29 follows the Swedes after Norway, removes all restrictions on restaurants and bars. Bjorn Olsen, chief medical officer and professor of infectious diseases at Uppsala University, is concerned.

The numbers clearly indicate that the epidemic is on the rise again. It is very unfortunate to lift restrictions and signal that the worst is over. It’s not a good poll for the future, he tells the newspaper.

It further shows that 25 percent of the population has not been vaccinated, and that the number of infections and deaths is likely to increase.

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Good with vaccine aisles

The president also has a clear call for what needs to be done to reduce the number of infections in the neighboring country.

– Increasing the degree of vaccination and recalling individuals and carrying out more awareness activities. In particular, one should be more active in areas where few people have been vaccinated.

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He is also very pleased that the Swedes have introduced Corona passports.

– it is good. Those who have been vaccinated in general are not particularly interested in meeting people who have not been vaccinated, when we have a spread of infection in the community.

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