September 29, 2022


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Housing, real estate and health Løten needs more space for dementia patients

Housing, real estate and health Løten needs more space for dementia patients

The rose is the name of what is today a protected unit in the health center, a special ward for patients with dementia. The partition is not configured for extended or reinforced armor. This results in stress for staff who work closely with patients with challenging behaviours.

These are the patients who have an urgent need for close examination and follow-up. In recent years, this has been a growing need in Løten municipality. The solution in some cases was to purchase space in a booster unit in other municipalities. It works, but it’s a very expensive scheme for Løten Municipality, notes the municipality’s director.

The matter is now before the Presidency on 9 March, with a proposal to prepare a preliminary project for the expansion of a conservation unit in Løten Health Park.

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The proposal includes the rebuilding of a section called the Housing Unit, which was formerly called the Eastern Old Age Pension. Here it could be a new and larger protected unit, with a sufficient number of rooms adapted for enhanced protection.

The condominium is what it is today with little demand, and many rooms are empty, according to a presidential case study.

At the beginning of 2022, there were 7,715 inhabitants in Luton. The municipality’s population is older than the average in Norway, so the proportion of people with dementia is also higher, which was determined for 163 people based on current figures. The group of patients will increase in parallel with the population.

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