Here is an error in Sindre Finnes’ share list: – You have to guess

Here is an error in Sindre Finnes’ share list: – You have to guess
Here is an error in Sindre Finnes’ share list: – You have to guess

Erna Solberg’s husband provided a list of stocks that were supposed to be “complete and correct.” It turns out that the list is not complete with amounts – and not entirely correct.


There are many examples of where this is not true, says Nordea investment director Robert Ness.

He analyzed the list and found many inconsistencies. Here are two examples:

  • In 2020, Sindre Finnes stated that he bought 80 thousand shares in the industrial company Nekkar. At the end of the year, he had 40,000 shares of Neckar stock. This means that either he reported 40,000 too many purchases – or there was an undersale of 40,000 shares.
  • In 2021 he has no shares left, meaning he must have sold 40,000 shares if the list is correct. Instead, he stated that he sold 120,000 shares, which is also an incorrect number.
  • In total, buy 40,000 missing shares.

also Today’s business It was written about Nekkar’s mistake.

-You should guess

Such deviations as those mentioned above are found by Næss circular 10 percent From Finnes purchase of DerivativesDerivativesA derivative is a security whose value is determined exactly by the value of something else. Value can be determined by a stock, bond, currency, commodity, or anything else of value. . In stock purchases, there is more number crunching, according to NICE’s findings.

Nearly half of all purchases are mismatched, says Ness.

– 72 different stocks were traded throughout the period. In 33 cases, the deals were equal, but in 39 of them there were discrepancies.

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The result of errors in the list is that it becomes difficult to know where Venice made or lost money.

– It would be just an estimate. “I would have to guess one was a sell and the other was a buy,” Ness says.

More errors: Nordea investment director Robert Nass found several inconsistencies in Sindre Finnes' list.

In addition to the example with Nekkar, Næss found, among other things, the following errors:

IDEX Biometrics Company:

  • In 2021, according to his own list, Finnis bought 180,000 more shares than he sold. But based on the ownership history at the end of the year, there is a shortfall in sales of 90,000 – or a very high stock purchase reported.

Biometrics Company Next:

  • According to the shareholder registry, 88,000 net shares were purchased here. But in the public shareholder registry, he was only listed as owning 44,000 shares at the end of the year.


  • According to Venice’s listing, he has traded Yara’s “BULL YARA X3 ND1” product 13 times. Here, an overview of 185 of these certificates is missing. In other words, he sells more of the product than he buys in the overview.

Næss found many of these errors in Finnes’ derivatives trading, namely short-term trades – where purchases do not match sales.

The bell is missing

According to Næss, the biggest flaw in Finnes’ stock list is that it does not include krone amounts for transactions.

Vince’s list only contains his trading history, what he has traded, and the number of stocks or derivatives he has traded. When Ola Flem, Anneken Hoitfeldt’s husband, submitted his stock list, it also contained amounts.

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Dismissing value is a way of giving information, without actually giving too much information, says Næss and continues:

– When retrieving transactions, you get the date, name of securities, type of security and krone amount. “You’re completely helpless in terms of the number of shares, not the price,” Ness says.

To the wall: Erna Solberg gave an interview on Thursday 17th to provide answers in the stock issue.

The public can find prices and calculate the amount of shares, Ness says, but for derivatives, prices are difficult to access.

Finnis informed Erna Solberg that he earned NOK 1.8 million during the eight years she served as Prime Minister.

– I can’t get 1.8 million. “If we had krone money, it would be easy,” says Ness.

Finnis filed his stock listing six days later. Experts believe that it takes no more than a few hours to get an overview.

Heuer and Solberg said several times that it took them a few days to complete the list because it had to be right.

-Is this list correct?

– There are some shortcomings, that’s all. I would be more sympathetic to the fact that something might be missing if the listing was made quickly, as I don’t understand why there is no market value.

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Hard to follow

On Høyre’s timeline, it’s stated that the listing shared with the media is the only overview Høyre has.

VG asked the Tories if they had access to a more detailed list including date, company/product, number, time and prices. And if it is possible to send VG this list.

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Lars Uwe, a special advisor to Heuer, told VG that they would not come up with a new list clarifying the amounts.

Without these details, it’s difficult to track how much Finnes earned on each individual trade, or compare trades to other events.

– What matters to the right in this case is Erna Solberg’s jurisdiction, says Oy.

In the same response, Special Adviser Lars Uy stated that “When the overview of Sindre Finnes’ stock transactions was provided, an obvious reservation was made that there might be minor errors. In order to create a comprehensive overview, several pages of documents had to be converted first.” By machine and then processed by hand.”

– If it turns out that there are many transactions entered twice, and not just minor deviations as we took into account, then this is unfortunate and Sindre Finnes cannot be blamed for it.

According to Øy, the information provided by Sindre Finne about his return is not based on the list provided.

VG also asked Finnes’ lawyer Thomas Skjelbred about errors in the share list, and whether VG could have a more detailed list, without receiving an answer.

Earlier, Skillbeard wrote that it was not appropriate for Vince to answer detailed questions from the media.

Watch VG’s full interview with Erna Solberg here:


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