Phenomonobolite – demolition

Phenomonobolite – demolition

At the end of March Vinbols reported It will be the biggest April sale ever on Vinmonopolet.

Every month the Pole reduces the prices of a number of goods, the first of which is every month, while they also have the opportunity to raise prices three times a year.

There can be many reasons for discounts. Some products are not selling as expected, may be close to the best date, need to be sold because they are out of range, or have changed suppliers.

DinSide has now verified how the sale went.

It is completely sold out

We start with red wines, where four of the five marked-down wines are now fully sold out.

Bussia Soprana Barolo, La Maison Romane Chambolle-Musigny and Ampeleia Alicante are all sold out in stores and online, while Bussia Soprana Barolo Vigna Colonnello is still available in a few stores.

When it comes to white wines, only the Hugel Classic Riesling 2016 is available online and in store, while the Dornach Patrick Uccelli 20 Mitterberg Souvignier Gris and Gentil Hugel are completely sold out.

Price Change: – Biggest sale ever

If you're a fan of the Dornach Patrick Uccelli 12 Bianco white wine, it's only available in Fitjar, while you'll have to go to Bodø to track down the Warramate Yarra Valley Chardonnay.

Among the rosé wines that were priced down the most, Ampeleia Rosato di Ampeleia and Wagner Rosé vom Löss were sold out, while Ch. Val d'Arenc Bandol Rosé, Bertram-Baltes Handwerk Rosé and Della Seta Rosato di Toscana are available in two stores.

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Check out all the Polar commodities that have dropped in price here.

burgundy slip: The day many wine lovers have been waiting for has arrived – and scenes of chaos are to be expected at Vinmonopolite. Video: Christina Corneliussen/Dagbladet
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Rejection: – Surprise

In March, DinSide wrote that Vinmonopolet sales in January and February were down 1.5 percent compared to last year. But because of one extra day of sales, the drop was close to five percent.

There was no doubt that red wine was the largest category, with sales reaching 48%. However, red wine is down four percent and more than 240,000 liters so far this year.

– This is perhaps somewhat surprising, as red wine is a category that typically increases in popularity when it is cold and sour. The largest decrease was in Italian and French red wines (in litres), Venmonopolite stated.

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