Ikea sets the price of sausage in Sweden – E24

Ikea sets the price of sausage in Sweden - E24

Next door, a furniture store increases the price of regular Wiener sausages, while vegan sausages get cheaper. Ikea in Norway does not change prices.

Sausages are more expensive at IKEA in Sweden, as they are here in Malmö.
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Ikea is increasing the price of regular Wiener sausages from five to seven SEK at its warehouse in Sweden. This was reported by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Sausages have cost five kroner since 1995.

An important part of pricing exactly the food we offer is that our vegan alternative should be priced lower than our meat-based alternative. Now it’s sausage’s turn in that strategy, Markus Karlsson, country director for Ikea Foods in Sweden, wrote in a short letter to Aftonbladet.

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The prices of these foods have increased more than others over the past year

The price of vegetarian sausage is reduced from ten to five kroner.

– In this way we lower the price of vegetable sausage, while at the same time raising the price of sausage in bread, writes Carlson.

Do not increase in Norway

Although sausage prices are now on the rise in the homeland of Ikea, sausages will not be more expensive in this country. Ikea Norge is E24.

– There is no change in the price of sausages with us, writes Seif Egger Westen, press contact at IKEA Norway, in an email.

In Norway, sausage with bread costs 10 NOK a piece if you eat it on the way. At the same time, vegetable sausage in bread costs 9 NOK. The price is increased by 1 kroner if you choose to eat at the bistro, according to the Ikea website.

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When asked if IKEA saw a need to increase prices in general due to the increase in prices in the community, Westin replied that IKEA’s intention is to keep prices as low as possible.

At the same time, prices for raw materials, energy, and transportation have risen sharply, among other things, and we and all those involved in the merchandise trade should take this into account by adjusting prices so that the rising cost reflects the basis, Westin writes.

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