January 31, 2023


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Against a sharp drop from the start in Oslo Bors

Against a sharp drop from the start in Oslo Bors

Among pre-trading on trading platform IG, Oslo Børs fell 0.9 percent just after 07.00 Tuesday.

Nordnet’s Roger Berntsen thinks Oslo Borse will open down 0.7 percent, or within range. [-1, -0,4] percent.


Beijing has now introduced new rules for the coronavirus ravaging the country, but they have little effect on stock exchanges. More measures are expected on Wednesday.

In Japan it goes up Nikki 0.2 percent, while wider topixThe index rose by 0.16 percent.

goes in China Shanghai boat return 0.1 percent, Hang Seng In Hong Kong, it decreased by 1.1 percent, and Cosby In South Korea, it weakened 0.7 percent.

It is located in India Sensex 0.3 percent, S&P/ASX 200– The index fell in Australia by 0.5 percent, and The Straits Times In Singapore, by 0.3 percent.

oil price

On Tuesday morning, Brent crude rose 0.4 percent to $83.04 a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate crude rose 0.5 percent to $77.28 a barrel. In comparison, a barrel of North Sea oil was trading at $86.62 per barrel at the end of the Oslo Stock Exchange on Friday, and thus it has decreased by more than 4 percent since the end of the exchange yesterday.

Wall Street

This is how the indices performed on Wall Street:

  • Dow Jones It decreased by 1.40 percent, to close at 33,946.51 points.
  • Standard & Poor’s 500 It fell 1.79 percent to 3,998.82 points.
  • Nasdaq It fell 1.93 percent to 11,239.94 points.

Read the full US update here.

Oslo Stock Exchange

Oslo Poor’s opened lower, but rose steadily throughout the day. Just before the close, the mood turned surprisingly, but the main index closed up 0.22 percent, at 1,212.76.

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Share John Frederiksen Golden ocean It rose visibly, ending up at 6.9 percent. The rally comes as a result of the positive cues from China.

“Shipping stocks are rising in Oslo. The rally is very broad. Tankers, dry bulk carriers and gas carriers are all set. The expected reopening of China appears to have improved sentiment in the commodities market,” Clarkson-Platto wrote in an update.

2020 Bulkers, Jinhui Shipping And the Belships It increased by 5.3, 0.6 and 4.6 percent, respectively.

It is also controlled by Frederiksen front line It was boosted by 6.5 percent in the second highest trading volume. So far this year, the stock is up more than 125 percent. Several brokerages mentioned before the weekend that they are seeing a huge rally in Frontline, with Pareto, Danske Bank and DNB Markets all making long calls.

Nordea Markets takes cover Wallenius Wilhelmsen It is believed that the share should increase by 50 percent. The stock rose 2.6 percent on Monday.

– We see Wallenius Wilhelmsen as the best option for exposure to an already strong auto transport market, says Nordea Markets.