Great fire in Hawaii – the end of the world

Great fire in Hawaii – the end of the world

A fierce wildfire ravaged the Pacific island of Maui on Wednesday. Large parts of the historic city of Lahaina lie in ruins. People were forced to jump into the sea to escape the flames. Reports say that at least six people were killed and dozens injured AP.

- This time it's much worse

– This time it’s much worse

– This is not a safe place to be. Communities have been decimated by the fires, Hawaii’s acting governor, Sylvia Locke, tells a news conference.

She is now telling visitors to stay away.

Outbreak: The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, has begun to erupt. Video: USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
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describes the disaster

It is said that the fire spread with great speed aided by the fierce winds through the town of Lahaina, which consists of many wooden buildings, which have a history dating back to the 18th century.

It was the end of the world, as they described it. the heat. Smoke and flames everywhere. They had to get my elderly uncle out of his house, Tiare Lawrence tells The Associated Press when 14 family members had to flee the flames.

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced tonight, Norwegian time, that he will send federal aid to the American country located in the Pacific Ocean.

– Biden said in a statement that I have ordered all available federal resources on the islands to provide assistance.

portends a crisis on a paradise holiday

portends a crisis on a paradise holiday

Strong wind

The National Weather Service stated that Cyclone Dora, which passed more than 800 km south of the island, brought winds of up to 100 km per hour. It also led to power outages, damage to homes, and the inability of helicopters to fly.

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The authorities are now working to find temporary accommodation for both the residents and the thousands of tourists who visit the popular destination.

– The locals have lost everything, Director of the Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism James Tokioka explained to the Associated Press.

Moreover, the wildfires did not only affect Maui. There have also been three wildfires reported on the Big Island. But here, so far, no casualties have been reported.

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