Spiders: – Pet shakes: – Stop breathing

Spiders: – Pet shakes: – Stop breathing

Here in Norway (thankfully) it’s not often that you come across giant spiders.

In Australia, on the other hand, you can risk meeting one and the other – whether outdoors or in the comfort of a home’s nest.

Poisonous spider

It happened to Jaeden Leves from Sydney, who discovered a poisonous spider larger than a fist in his house.

This was written by the news agency Jam Press.

The spider is a hunting spider (Sparassidae). The large brown spiders that sometimes enter the country with bananas and other fruits often belong to this family, according to Wikipedia.

Horror experience: – life threatening

This species is poisonous and catches insects such as cockroaches. Large species can also take small lizards.

– They are not dangerous to humans, although the bite of the larger species can be somewhat painful and possibly cause temporary swelling, nausea and dizziness, the site writes.

I found him in bed

However, females guarding their eggs, which they wish to carry with them in a silk sack, can be aggressive.

Jayden wasn’t afraid of it. On the contrary, she decides to leave the little house guest alone.

Until last month, when she suddenly found a poisonous spider in her bed. Maybe a lot of people here will panic, but not well.

was suffering from

He had an “ear infection” – and then came the shock

She decided to adopt the little reptile – and named him Larry.

– I get a lot of comments from people saying they’re terrified of him and they’re going to burn down their house. Another told NeedToKnow.online news agency that others say they will kill him.

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– Don’t hurt anyone

Others are supportive, saying they love Larry.

– Who doesn’t love him, he’s the thinnest spider ever!

Jayden realizes that people can be afraid of spiders, but says no one should be afraid of Larry.

– It’s the thinnest spider on the planet. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She says if he is afraid, he runs away from people.

– My mom loves him

Jayden says she never planned on getting a pet, but the family welcomed the spider with open arms.

He was attacked by a pit bull: - a terrible tragedy

He was attacked by a pit bull: – a terrible tragedy

– My mom loves him. She thinks he’s very cute and sometimes lets him hang out in her room. My cats tried to scare Larry, but he stayed calm for the most part.

The spider mom shared small glimpses of her life with Larry on TikTok, and one clip went viral. There Larry climbs the bedroom wall, his hairy legs and massive body.

Spider: Would you panic if you suddenly discovered a spider stumbling across the floor in your house? Although it may send shivers down your spine, you should leave it alone. We explain why. Video: Embla Hjort-Larsen / Storyblocks / NTB / WIKIMEDIA.
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Followers are divided in their opinions about the guest:

“Despite my arachnophobia, I love Larry with all my heart,” one writes.

– You are being held hostage by a hunting spider, and what you are experiencing now is called Stockholm Syndrome. Another says I am so sorry.

– He stopped breathing

Stockholm Syndrome is a term used to describe the fact that hostages and kidnap victims can develop sympathy for their captors over time. This phenomenon originated from a bank robbery in Stockholm in 1973.

making clothes from

Making clothes out of “leather”

Many indicate that they are afraid of spiders, and that the video makes them shiver.

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– I stopped breathing, one writes.

Despite the shocking reactions from followers, Jayden maintains that she truly cares for Larry and loves him as a pet.

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