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Mehran Samak skal ha blitt skutt og drept av politiet da han tutet i gatene etter Irans tap i fotball-VM

The shots are said to have been fired when a larger group of protesters were in the street celebrating the defeat.

Mahran Sammak is said to have been shot while sitting in his car making a sound as part of the demonstration, writes BBC.

American human rights group Oslo-based Center for Human Rights in Iran Human rights in Iran The man was reportedly shot and killed by Iranian security forces.

The Iranian authorities did not comment on the incident.

Although the national team supported protests in their home country when players refused to sing the national anthem before the first match, exiting the World Cup is seen as a symbolic loss for the regime.

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The killing took place in Bandar Anzali, in northern Iran.

Midfielder Saeed Ezzatullah, who played in the US match and is from Bandar Anzali, wrote on Instagram that he knows Samak.

The footballer writes a picture of the two of them together in a youth team Watchman. It now appears that the image has been removed.

Screenshot of the message allegedly posted by Saeed Ezzatullah, an Iranian.

photo: Instagram

Izzatullah writes: “After yesterday’s bitter loss, the news of your death flared up in my heart.”

One day the masks will fall, the truth will be revealed. “This is not what our youth deserve. This is not what our nation deserves,” he added.

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The match was played on Tuesday night, Norwegian time, and Iran lost 0-1 to the United States. Thus, Iran withdrew from the World Cup, while the United States is preparing for the quarter-finals against the Netherlands.

USA player Brendan Aaronson consoles Iranian Saeed Ezzatullah after Iran's exit from the World Cup.

USA player Brendan Aaronson consoles Iranian Saeed Ezzatullah after Iran’s exit from the World Cup.

Photo: Hassan Ammar/The Associated Press

The match took place against the backdrop of a tense political situation.

The regime in Iran, led by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, is facing some of the largest protests in the country since the Islamic Revolution of 1979.

For more than two months, thousands of demonstrators Protest and demand changes After the death of 22-year-old Iranian Kurd Mohsa Amini in the custody of the morality police.

She was arrested for not covering her hair sufficiently.

Iranian security forces have killed at least 448 people during the protests, including 60 children under the age of 18 and 29 women, according to Iranian Human Rights.

After losing to the United States, security police reportedly shot protesters in several cities Iran International.

Ambert before the World Cup match

And before the decisive match in the World Cup, the US team published a picture on social networking sites showing the Iranian flag without the symbol of the Islamic Republic.

US Communications Director Neil Boyth She told NRK it was done in solidarity with Iranian women.

The Americans later deleted the photo from Twitter and Instagram. Iran’s state-run Tasnim news agency thought the United States should be kicked out of the World Cup because of the stunt.

At the press conference before the fateful match, Leeds player Tyler Adams overheard it.

– You say you support the Iranian people, but you pronounce our name wrong. It includes Iran, not “Ayran”. The Iranian reporter said: Let’s make this clear once and for all.

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