Elon Musk, Twitter | The expert believes that Twitter may collapse if Musk does not change course: – It may be the end

Elon Musk, Twitter |  The expert believes that Twitter may collapse if Musk does not change course: - It may be the end

Recently, there has been a storm around the social media site Twitter, and on Tuesday its owner Elon Musk claimed it Apple threatened to ban Twitter from the App Store.

Apple has yet to comment on Musk’s actions, though, from the head of Twitter reported Wed That he was taken around Apple headquarters that was Apple CEO Tim Cook.

– the big question

After Musk took over Twitter earlier this fall, many have taken over The staff quit or He lost his jobwhich sparked speculation about the future of the site.

Ragnvald Sannes is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at BI Norwegian Business School and an expert in social media.

Are we now witnessing the beginning of the end for Twitter?

– That’s the big question, and it may be, but we don’t know. It’s hard to say, but maybe that’s the end. It’s never been as clear as it is now for some major social media outlets, though many probably wouldn’t agree with such a comment, Sane answers on Nettavisen.

It will all depend on whether or not Elon Musk will stand by his project, the chief lecturer believes.

– I think he misjudged the whole situation. If he persists, it could be the end of Twitter, which will go down in history as a smaller medium, he says.

I think billions of dollars are at stake

Sundance says up to 90 percent of Twitter’s revenue comes from advertising. He thinks social media risks losing a lot of money, as a result of owner Elon Musk’s very liberal line about what’s allowed on Twitter.

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– with Open all suspended accounts And the Mediator team cut in half, It increases the risk of associating the advertiser’s brand with extreme expressions. It’s an association you don’t want, Sannes tells Nettavisen, and advertisers have chosen to abstain.

Sannes says that nearly half of advertisers are now looking into the situation. If this money disappears, the senior lecturer believes that Twitter could lose up to two and a half billion dollars, which is approximately NOK 25 billion.

When asked about the importance of Twitter to the public conversation, Sannes indicated that attempts were made to use social media to influence the election.

He believes the challenge with social media is that it helps create echo chambers, and algorithms show you new posts, based on what you already like and engage with. This often happens excessively, says the lecturer.

– For example, I am a passive user on Instagram, and I follow things there. I think BAdesken’s account is funny, but when I clicked on part of his posts, I almost only get content from him, he says.

And it continues:

– If I want to control my feed more, I have to be more active and give Instagram more data than I want to.

– There are disturbances

Bent Kalsnes is an Associate Professor in the Communications Department at Christiania University College, and has researched, among other things, the political use of social media, fake news, and disinformation.

It says there is turmoil around Twitter right now.

There’s disruption because so many people have been laid off, there’s changes in strategy around what Twitter should be and there’s uncertainty around Twitter’s guidelines, Calsens tells Netavien.

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At the same time, she believes, there is less insight into the company now, because Musk single-handedly owns the entire company.

– There is also instability because Elon Musk, via his own Twitter account, communicates a lot of weird things about what Twitter should be.

Real conflict risk

When asked if she thought Twitter would disappear from Apple’s App Store, as Musk claims Apple has threatened, Kalsnes replied:

– I think there is a real risk of conflict between Twitter and the App Store. It is difficult to determine whether the application disappears or not. It appears Musk is trying to challenge the App Store’s business model.

Who needs the other more: Apple or Twitter?

Twitter is probably just one app among many. Apple has a large number of applications through the App Store. These work well, Kalsnis says, and can generate income.

At the same time, Kalsnes believes it is difficult to predict whether Twitter is in danger of disappearing, but says that many people in her field have decided to close their accounts, or move to the Mastodon microblogging service.

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