Vague about photos that go viral

Vague about photos that go viral

Messi is considered by many to be the best soccer player of all time.

However, he is not known to be the most talkative.

In most cases, the Argentine tends to avoid encounters with the press, and a great deal of time passes between each interview he gives.

After missing a penalty in Argentina’s 2-0 victory over Poland, there was less reason to expect the superstar to give the media what they wanted.

– One of the hundreds of Argentine journalists who traveled to Qatar to cover Messi’s last World Cup said he would go directly here.

But Messi suddenly appeared behind the advertising wall, and instead of running past the noisy journalists, he stopped in front of a group of Spanish-speaking TV journalists as well as TV2.

The unexpected appearance caused complete chaos in the press area as many people realized that Messi had decided to speak.

Journalists flocked, and the crowd became so large that the head of the Argentine press had to use all his strength to press the fence so that it would not fall between Messi and the press – a professional designation that suddenly acquired a double meaning.

Media storm after words

Once Messi indicated he was nearing the end of his answer, reporters shouted their questions in a desperate attempt to get the 35-year-old’s attention.

TV 2 asked a question. It was about the photos, which went viral on social media, of Messi and Polish star Robert Lewandowski talking together with their hands in front of their mouths after the match.

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The moment between the two icons went viral, not just because of their stardom, but also because of the tension that seemed to exist between them.

When Messi won the Ballon d’Or in 2021, he mentioned Lewandowski in his acceptance speech.

– Everyone knows, and we all agree, that you should have won last year. Messi said from the stage: I think France Football should give you the Ballon d’Or for 2020. You deserve it and you should get it at home.

The French magazine chose not to present the award due to the impact of the pandemic on the 2020 football year. Ultimately, Lewandowski responded to Messi’s statement in an interview with Polish media.

– I’m not very excited about the idea of ​​receiving the 2020 award. Lewandowski replied, but I hope what Messi said was an honest statement from a great player, and not just empty words.

He also said that he was very disappointed that he lost to Messi in 2021. The Poles’ words created a new media storm and speculation about intrigues between the two. Messi further contributed to this earlier this year when, in an interview with TyC, he hit back at Lewandowski again.

– I do not agree with what he said, but I do not give him more weight than that, Messi said and continued:

– The year I won (2021) wasn’t the best.

– I will never leak things

Back at Stadium 974 in Doha:

– What did you say to Lewandowski after the match?

– No no. I don’t talk about it, says Messi to TV 2.

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Later he explains:

I’ve learned that whatever happens on the pitch stays on the pitch. Whatever happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room. I won’t spill the things we tell each other in confidence.

Judging from the video that has been circulating about Messi and Lewandowski’s discussion, it appears that there was a good atmosphere between the two. After exchanging a few words in each other’s ears, they gently patted each other and went their separate ways.

Fun atmosphere: Things seemed to be going better between Robert Lewandowski and Lionel Messi after Wednesday’s game. Photo: KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV

Messi was very happy with his team’s performance, despite missing a penalty himself. Although he did not score a goal, he was the brains behind most of what happened in Argentina’s attacking play.

– We found our way back to that game and the team we want, says Messi.

After Wojciech Szczęsny saved his penalty in the first half, the Argentine fans responded with love for Messi from the stands to show their support.

– We came out of the penalty kick stronger, as Messi himself says.

– We showed who we are as a team and as a group, and we put up a great fight, he says.

“easy” toilet route

The World Cup started in the worst possible way for Messi and Argentina when they suffered a shock loss to Saudi Arabia in the first match.

“The truth is, we took it very badly, but we used it as a learning experience, and we came out stronger,” he says.

Now the star is enjoying the good atmosphere developing between the team and the fans, who stayed on the field long after the match ended to celebrate their qualification to the quarter-finals.

There, Argentina will meet Australia, before meeting the Netherlands or the United States in the quarter-finals. After taking a hit in the bow early in the tournament, Messi’s “last dance” is still alive and well.

– This tournament showed that anyone can beat anyone. It’s very even. Messi says there are no easy opponents.

Then he walked with a jacket tied around his neck, which he admits to wearing because it oscillates quickly between hot and cold as she navigates the air-conditioned corridors of the stadium and the warm Doha night outside.

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