– In a big fight – VG

– In a big fight – VG
The Golden Girl: Carrie Bratt Dale with the World Cup gold. She was named the best player in the World Cup.

Granollers (VG) have an efficiency never shown on the handball court. Kari Brattset Dale (30) named MVP – Most Valuable Player at the World Cup.


– She was in a big fight after she got rid of the injury after the Olympics. She had a steep rise. In general, it’s been one we’ve had and only one in the restroom, says Thorir Hergeirsson.

First of all, I am very proud of the team I belong to, but I am honored to be named the best player. A big thank you to all the girls who stood by me throughout the tournament! Bratsit informs Dale himself.

For me, Curry is the best player in this tournament. I don’t know if there was any pick, but it should be Curry,” Stein Bridal Oftedal told VG after the medal ceremony.

The captain was absolutely right.

Brattset Dale was named ‘Most Valuable Player’, while Henny Reistad (left-back) and Nora Mørk (right-back) were on the All Star squad.

Stine Bredal Oftedal (WC 2017), Anja Eden (EC 2012), Kristine Lunde (EC 2008), Katja Nyberg (WC 2007), Gro Hammerseng-Eden (EC 2006) and Cecilie Leganger (WC 1993) was named the Best Female Championship Norwegian handball.

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Brattset Dale’s bone in WC also looks good on the VG stock exchange. An average of 7.13 each. The World Cup match is also at the top of our ranking.

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Before making the selection, she asked VG if she herself thought it should be taken into account.

– Do you think so? humbly ask.

– Yes, we think so.

– I do not interfere with it.

– But it’s mostly about back players. Should chord players be appreciated too?

– Yes, it is good to be appreciated, she answers easily

Carrie Bratt Dale is a voracious defender who “eats opponents” in the morning, noon and evening. But the Norwegian Defense Minister also showed another side in the World Cup final.

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Brattset has put 22 balls straight into the goal in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals. It is totally unique.

Five goals against Russia, followed by seven consecutive goals in the semi-final against Spain.

In the final, Eastfold brought desperation French goalkeeper Laura Glauser and Cleopatri Darlo. The line player put all five of his chances into the goal.

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– No, what is it, answers Brattset Dale when VG asks why.

– I try to score every time. I worked mentally with myself after a boom period in one of the matches there. I figured I should stop, you say and think about two and three goals against Holland last Monday.

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In the matches here, every goal is important and it is important to score every goal. I’m so happy, she tells VG.

– Why the World Cup final turned?

– It’s the calm we carry in the team. We know it hasn’t been decided yet. France is used to falling behind and catching up. I think they got a little stressed. We were able to play really well with it. Then Silje (Solberg) comes and closes. Pratt Dale describes them as losing confidence.

She is as old as the heart of the Norwegian World Cup team. But unlike Stine Bredal Oftedal, Nora Mørk and the Solberg twins, she was not taken to play in the junior national team. In the national team, the girl from Vartig made her debut in the Sarpsborg municipality before when she was 26 years old.

But then it went quickly. Now she is well established in the national team and in the Hungarian Gyor star team.

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