National team, football | Skullerud on Haaland’s confusion:

National team, football |  Skullerud on Haaland's confusion:

It’s just so sad for the whole nation, when we got to where we are now, discovery expert Tor Ole Scholrud tells Nettavisen.

ÅRÅSEN STADIUM (Nettavisen): Confirmation came on Monday that Erling Braut Haaland will not appear in the Norwegian men’s team against Turkey and Montenegro.

This was confirmed by the player himself on his personal Twitter account, after several days of uncertainty and hope that the striker is healthy enough to contribute to Ståle Solbakken.

– Hey guys, sorry for not preparing for the national matches. I enjoyed myself. Anyway, good luck to Norway, Yerbun wrote Monday morning.

Borussia Dortmund made it clear even before the weekend that it would be inappropriate to give up the diamond, while national team player Ola Sand confirmed he was confident the 21-year-old could be ready.

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satisfied with the conversation

There was complete confusion when Dortmund announced that Braut Haaland was out of the Norwegian team, while the NFF came up with a counter letter soon after.

The Germans already confirmed last Friday that they wanted to keep Braut Haaland, while the Norwegians waited until Monday to confirm Braut Haaland’s cancellation.

– I thought the dialogue with the surrounding clubs was perfect, the national team player Ola Sand and the rest were perfect. Ståle Solbakken tells Nettavisen when asked about the dialogue between the NFF and clubs that clubs with unsafe Norwegian players have been accommodating so far.

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It continues:

– That’s why our friend in Germany (Erling Braut Haaland) was confirmed so late, because it was for every thousand one or two percent until the damage was healed from the scans made.

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– Do you want to take the players to Norway to inspect them yourself, in such dubious cases?

– We do this in cases where you feel it has a beneficial value, and it is the medical system that makes that decision, he concludes.

Norway must dispense with Erling Braut Haaland, Ron Garsten, Andre Hansen, Joshua King, Omar El-Abdlawi, Christopher Agger, Jonas Svensson, Sander Berg, Matthias Norman, Per Christian Pratveit, Frederic Medetsjo and Alexander Sorloth in the upcoming crucial matches against Turkey and Montensen. .

There is clearly a conflict

Tor Ole Skullerud is an expert in spotting, but has several years of experience as a coach, among other things, for the Norwegian Under-21 team. He has experienced the same problems that Solbakken and NFF have now faced.

– There was clearly a conflict of interest, which is a very classic situation. Clubs are always afraid to allow players to congregate, and the national team wants to convince the player to see himself, Skullerud tells Nettavisen.

It continues:

– There are probably so many phones, among medical devices, trainers and others that are of the highest caliber, that you don’t need to think about it. We faced many of these cases during my time with the Under-21 national team, and we try to make everyone happy. You are always unsure of each other, depending on the player situation. The national team has the opportunity and the right to include Erling Braut Haaland, but they may have considered it unnecessary to include him.

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With a number of players out, Ståle Solbakken and the rest of the support team really had something to think about ahead of the fateful matches against Turkey and Montenegro.

It is a hopeless pity for the whole nation, when we have come to where we are now. Not because those who are there now are not good enough to beat Turkey, but being in the situation there now is very sad. Scholrud concludes that there is a lack of cutting-edge expertise and quality, particularly there, but we can still do well in Turkey.

Best for all parties

TV 2 national team expert Jesper Mathiesen explains that it may have been hard work to have Braut Haaland ready, but Borussia Dortmund finally got what they wanted and kept the 21-year-old in Germany.

– It is clear that there will be a struggle because one of the best players in the world is uncertain, and both parties depend on his presence on the field. Then there are the brisk discussions, and Norway had another hope that things would work out. Now they couldn’t get it well in time, so you have to try to live with it.

– Is there any doubt about the credibility of Dortmund, that the National Football Association withheld the confirmation until the last minute?

No, I think that the national team doctor Ola Sand and the rest of the team have such good intentions in Dortmund that they trust the messages they are sending are true. Perhaps they wanted to further check things themselves, and concluded that wasn’t possible, Matissen tells Netavizen.

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It continues:

– In the end, it is good for both Norway and Borussia Dortmund that he did not come here and wore something worse. Both sides have a lot to lose in the long run.

Norway meets Turkey in Istanbul on October 8, before visiting Montenegro Olival on October 11.

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