Iverson harshly against the media at the Olympics: – He disappointed me

Iverson harshly against the media at the Olympics: - He disappointed me

On Friday, the team that will run three miles on Sunday submitted. He then spent some time expressing his disappointment with the Norwegian media at the Olympics.

– Given the reality that the media tried to create… we don’t recognize ourselves at all. We have great luxury, the unit is great. Yes, there have been some statements in the media that have created headlines that we would like to be without. You can write a lot on the account that we who answer the questions are a little unprepared for how we interpret how we answer here.says Iversen in an interview with NTB and VG.

taken to bed

He thinks it’s different than it used to be, and is “a little surprised” by the reality he’s tried to create, he said.

-This year I feel like my experience has been taken to bed a little bit in terms of what it’s like to be photographed and you and I, I must say, he tells VG.

Now Iverson will be more careful before he speaks:

Production will be slightly different from what is actually intended. You have disappointed me. This means that I must now be more careful about what I say when you ask me. Somehow, I can’t trust you the same way I did beforeNTB says.

– I should be more careful. And he adds, I know you have to be, but then it slips a bit.

Many of the cases were with practitioners who spoke publicly to the Norwegian media in Zhangjiakou.

Example Johaug

– There are things that have been done abroad in the media. Management spoke, practitioners spoke…

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– For example, when I said in my usual joking tone, I considered Thérèse (Juhug) to go all out relay phases Iversen interrupts and continues:

It is clearly a joke and is never intended to be taken seriously and is not intended to humiliate other practitioners. When it was revealed that I absolutely don’t trust other girls… it wasn’t like that before, but here it really was. I don’t want to start by mentioning other issues, but I feel it’s a bit like many of the statements that have been made public, Iversen tells NTB.

Recently, many athletes have criticized the public in the cross-country administration. Emil Iverson’s hair, Ole Morten Iverson’s son dagger in the back When he was not escorted to a distance of 15 kilometers.

Ann Kjersti Calva, who contracted coronavirus before the games, spoke out Adresseavisen. After the team’s sprint, Maiken Caspersen Falla criticized the way cross-country coach Espen Bervig and the rest of the cross-country management appeared in the media. Ragnhild Haga also believes the administration could have avoided “some statements”.

Together more than ever

On the women’s side, most cases were around the level of the Norwegian women’s cross-country skiing behind Sovereign Therese Johaug. Bjervig stated that he is in dire need of the level. He and the women’s coach were also open about the fact that biathlete Terrell Eckhoff was being considered for the Olympic relay race.

Iversen says the recent media coverage doesn’t take any energy out of the Olympic team.

– It’s like I feel more united than we’ve ever been. Somehow, we don’t find ourselves in this, it’s not true. We are getting stronger together, at least internally. He says that some of what is in the media is not true at all.

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Women’s Tremila is the Olympics’ last workout and starts on Sunday at 7.30 NST.

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