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Langrenn, Treningsamling herrer på Sjusjøen og Lillehammer

– This is our business. Those who aren’t here aren’t in business, Hans Christer Holund clearly tells NRK when asked how important it is to take part in snowboard races like the Oslo Skishow in Holmenkollen.

On the women’s front, only Heidi Wing, Lotta Odnis Wing and Terrell Odnis Wing of the national cross-country team ran the 15km. The other eight left due to what cross-country coach Espen Biervig called “unfortunate reasons”.

Tournament: Katherine Harsem, who is not part of the national team, crushed everyone from start to finish. Here on the podium with Hedda Østberg Amundsen, Tiril Udnes Weng and Kristin Austgulen Fosnæs.

Photo: Hanna Johre / NTB

It is clear that Holland has a responsibility to maintain interest in cross-country skiing.

It is important that everyone contribute. Then part of our job is showing up at snowboard races all spring and fall so we can keep interest. Simple and simple cross-country skiing and all other sports are entertainment. He further says if we don’t show ourselves, we’re not doing our part in maintaining interest.

Are you saying that women are not doing the work that they should be doing?

Now I don’t quite know why. Some are sick and some are injured. There are many good reasons not to go, but if you’re healthy and fit, I think it’s important to show up on roller skates, he says.

People forget quickly

Holland is backed by Pål Golberg, Even Northug and Simen Hegstad Krüger, who all think it’s worth their weight in gold to get competitive training a few months before the full season begins.

– If the national team wants to pass, we need to show ourselves in the summer. People forget quickly and it’s a long way from the end of March to November. This is a good race for that, Golberg tells NRK.

Holmenkollen Ski Show 2022

On the road: Pål Golberg finished second behind Simen Hegstad Krüger. Here with Finn Hagen Krug.

Photo: Hanna Johre / NTB

It shows sympathy for the women, who have just been at the top, and at the same time indicates that the Oslo Ski Fair was organized earlier in June.

– It was planned a little late, but we have to realize that if we are going to compete to attract viewers, we need to appear all year round. Then he also says that the races we get at prime time are worth their weight in gold.

Krueger doesn’t want to speak on behalf of the women, but he thinks the Oslo Skishoe is an important ski race to ski on track for the winter.

– These are the sessions I need. It is up to the women themselves to figure out what is best for them. But we understand that we have to participate in creating a product. It is important that the best and most participate and show the sport from the best side. It’s clearly difficult when the best doesn’t start, Krueger tells NRK.

Even Northug thinks competitions are the most important thing to participate in.

– I see no reason not to enter the competition. You don’t get more specific training. I see it that way, anyway, Northough tells NRK.

Holmenkollen Ski Show 2022

Podiums: Semen Hegstad Kruger, Paul Golberg, Hans Christer Holland and Johan Hagstrom.

Photo: Hanna Johre / NTB

Don’t understand criticism

Heidi Wing is surprised that no-show has become a topic.

– I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Most people lined up to start where they were supposed to. Then there were some minor injuries. For my part, I struggled with my head, and after that it was only one round. There are many who have been to Toppidrettsveka and Blink, so I don’t see it, Weng tells NRK.

Holmenkollen Ski Show 2022

Frustrated: Heidi Wing’s first race of the year finished 9th.

Photo: Hanna Johre / NTB

– Do you oppose criticism?

– yes. I don’t see who didn’t show up for this summer’s ski race who was supposed to. I don’t know if it’s quite there, I’ll say. We may have been a few today, says Wing, but that is the case.

She notes that the Oslo ski fair comes at an unfortunate time, and cites women’s cross-country training at altitude as the reason for the lack of participation.

The timing was a little unfortunate. It’s right after the hill climb, and you’re not quite ready to ski after the hill. This may have been the wrong time to create the Oslo Skishow, says Weng.

Bjerwig: – Many unfortunate reasons

– Now there are three cards of Weng standing for the elite team, so there are many unfortunate reasons to hit at the same time which makes it very thin. Both the girls and the coaches and I hope everyone is here and goes. If it comes to conjunctivitis or Covid disease and so on, it is unfortunate that it will be that way now.

Briefing for elite women across the country

Chair: Espen Bervig.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB

Does everyone who is not here have a valid absence?

– There are many things collide at the same time which means there are three girls walking here today, and this is it.

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