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Gunnar Hæreid

This article is more than a month old and may contain expired advice from authorities regarding coronary heart disease.

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The state administrator in western Norway summed up the mayors’ input in a letter to the Norwegian Directorate of Health today.


Mayors in western Norway are said to be deeply concerned about the situation and what the consequences would be if the measures were not implemented.

Mayors describe a very stressful situation for the health service, where efficiency is achieved in many areas.

– Not an appropriate strategy

In a letter to the Norwegian Directorate of Health, the reporters have a number of clear expectations. Among other things, they believe the strategy for corona management needs to change now:

  • The overall strategy for re-opening on September 25 is no longer appropriate. Municipalities find it very challenging to explain to the public what its purpose is: to beat the infection, to smoke, or to liberate?

  • Municipalities believe that the Ministry of Health and Care Services needs to implement national measures. Local calls and suggestions have little effect in the current situation.
  • Municipalities are asking the government to clarify whether corona compensation will continue to be given to restaurants affected by the new measures.
  • Municipalities are asking for a clear national communication strategy. The news should support decisions about the introduction of further intrusive measures. It is important to disseminate honest information, for example, to expect an increase in mortality in the future.
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The Norwegian Directorate of Health does not wish to comment on the letter to the NRK, citing the Ministry of Health and Care Services.


Conservative Mayor Tom Øygarden was one of the mayors who provided input to the letter by Tom George Intrevik.

Conservative Mayor Tom George Indrewick in Oygarden has called for a clear corona strategy from the government.

Photo: Litward Sandwen / NRK

– We feel that we have returned somewhat to the situation left to the municipalities themselves last fall. With that said, I think there is no clear national strategy on how we should approach this. Intrevik asks if we can meet it by dealing with it because many people are sick or try to control the infection.

– What we are looking for is which direction to go. You can not say you want to reject it on the one hand, you can not say open up on the other, Indrewick tells NRK how it works.

Indrevik believes the Støre government has not yet made clear what the goal of the current epidemic strategy is.

Concerns about infection despite vaccination

Acting State Administrator in the Westland Gunnar O. Here is what Heritage says about the background of the letter:

– The unrest has come from the municipalities around Bergen, where they are calling for a clear signal of what the strategy is.

Heritage says municipalities describe the challenges in the region well.

– Despite the fact that many people have been vaccinated, infections and confusion are increasing as to how to deal with it when we are still highly infected, Hæreid tells NRK.

Explain Tuesday

According to the NRK, the Corona situation will be reported by Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store Sorting on Tuesday over the weekend.

Jonas Kahr Store and Driveway Sloxvolt role in Sorting

Report: Prime Minister Jonas Kardashian (Labor) will report to Corting on the Corona situation on Tuesday next week.

Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / Stian Lysberg Solum

Indrevik believes that when full responsibility for introducing new measures is given to municipalities, they will be squeezed out, especially if many sections of the community have to be shut down and municipalities will not be able to provide corona compensation to companies that have been financially negatively affected.

– Tell us now that we are tightening the hotel and restaurant business in our area. While the national rules are followed with support, we will not receive additional support measures.

– We are in a pinch where I think municipalities are unworthy after such a long time, says Indravik.

Follows the advice of the FHI

There is also infection outside the Bergen area. In Chokndal municipality, 49 people are now affected. According to Mayor Ernstein Menez (SP), the explosion is spreading in the municipality.

He says national action is not required on the part of the municipality. He says they follow the advice of the National Institutes of Public Health.

With general infection control advice, we think the outbreak can be controlled. But it can grow further, and then we have to make new moves.

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