Ulrik Nygård: – A shock

Ulrik Nygård: - A shock

It was shared earlier this month Pilot Ulrik Nygaard (42) A post about electricity bills from his tipper company on Instagram.

The bill contained a staggering amount of NOK 19,000.

Nygaard is known as an influencer Julian “Pilotfrew” Nygaards (32) Husband.

– This is the biggest bill we’ve ever received, he tells Talkblade.

He also shared his frustration on Instagram.

“When you feel ripped off by the Norwegian government’s power plan. Add Norges Bank’s interest rate strategy and it’s going to be a good winter. Who would have guessed that interest rates would drop again in 6-10 months and then decide that the strategy failed?”, he wrote under the shared video.

– Sadness

Earlier this month, electricity company Tipper announced that it was changing its billing practices. Customers can expect unusually high bills in the mail, where they will have to pay for electricity consumption in September, and bill for estimated consumption through mid-October.

Nygård tells Dagbladet that he has now changed electricity supplier.

– Mostly because I was not satisfied with the attitude of the company, we ended the dipper. I haven’t seen any other providers do this.

Tipper sent an invoice on October 4th and the deadline for payment was October 14th. This gives customers ten days to pay the unusually high bill.

In an email sent by Dipper to its customers on October 4, it said, among other things: “We know this is sudden and we deeply regret that this information was communicated so late. We are faced with a dilemma; either increase the mark-up or change the invoicing procedure’.

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– I didn’t think much of the email when we first got it, I didn’t read it very well. Nygaard says it was a complete shock when the bill arrived.

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The 42-year-old believes the whole situation is tragic.

– Not everyone can pay such extreme fees. We can pay, but it is not easy at home either. We are now turning the tables, he adds:

– We’ve started saving things, and we adults in the house take for granted much less now than before.

Tipper writes on its website that if you cancel your electricity contract with Tipper and start a new one in October, you will only have to pay for September’s actual consumption and monthly amount.

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