Agree to “Apple Tax” – ITavisen

Agree to “Apple Tax” – ITavisen

The highest court in the United States has agreed to allow Apple to collect 30 percent of fees from developers who sell additional apps and services on the App Store for iPhone. This is another defeat for Epic, but it’s not over yet.

Apple can go on, but the case is far from over

It was the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals” that ruled in its ruling that Apple violated California’s “Unfair Competition Act.” More specifically, Apple’s limitation on alternative payment methods was mentioned: that is, potential customers are not allowed to pay a customer directly. So the court judge ruled Supreme Court Elena Kagan agreed to try from California in this particular case, but offered no explanation as to why she ruled in favor of Apple.

Bloomberg points out that the decision is only a “temporary postponement,” and that the case could thus be reconsidered in other ways. And it is almost certain that the case will continue in one form or another in the judiciary even after this ruling.

We wrote in July a case of “Apple gets more time, Epic isn’t happy:”

Apple is not currently forced to accept third-party payment solutions. Apple is allowed to appeal the case to the highest court, so the changes cannot take effect if the company considers its case there. There is talk of potentially large revenue losses for Apple in the event of a loss, They charge developers up to 30 percent for the right to serve their apps on the App Store.

There has been a heated issue between Apple and Epic since 2020, and it’s not the case that Apple has to accept Fortnite on the App Store. In fact, the September 2021 ruling was largely in favor of Apple, except for banning the company from marketing alternative payment methods.

ITavisen, 18 July 2023

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