– Really bitter – Viji

- Really bitter - Viji
Robbery: The log cabin, set up last fall, is now without doors and windows.

Last fall, Evelyn Rudy and her husband set up a new room in Valdres. On Monday night they were told the front door and all the windows were gone. Police are searching for two different cars in connection with the case.

– It’s okay by any means, Rudy writes in a post on his own Facebook page.

Evelyn and Jurgen Rudi have owned the Lohman cottage in Walters since 2000.

– That’s why we tore the cabin last spring. In September 2020, a new wooden box was set up, Rudy tells Viji.

SAW OFF: According to the police, the screwed windows were broken.

Before winter entered, the couple installed two different sized roofs, doors and seven windows in the log cabin. Now, a year later, the door and all the windows are gone.

– We got a phone call from my husband’s aunt who lives nearby. Rudy says at first I didn’t believe her when she told me that someone had stolen all of our windows.

Right on Main Road

According to Rudy, the log cabin is 20 meters from the road and 150 meters from the busy main road. The windows should be laid down. The couple thinks it was unbelievable that someone removed the door and windows without looking.

– I don’t know whether to laugh or not. Instead we are so happy, our two sons almost grew up here. It is sad that people can do such a thing. It’s really bitter.

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Shocked: Evelyn and Jurgen Rudy are shocked to receive a phone call that their cabin in Valdres has been stolen.

According to Rudy, the disappearance must have taken place between September 1 and 10 this year.

We were there for a trip in June and then everything was as usual. Many in the family have since moved into the cabin.

She estimates they have lost about 30,000 kroner.

– We have insurance, but we live 2.5 hours away, not enough time to work a lot in the cabin this year. In fact, this fall we are going to put stains and roof tiles. Now we have to order new windows and redo everything and close again for the winter, says Rudy.

Previously: The newly built cabin was like this last fall.

Looking for two cars

Rudy has lodged a complaint with the police.

– This is plagiarism of great value, so it is serious, says Christopher Magnus Dessem, sheriff at Waltrus, N.R.K.. He says the screws attached to the front door and windows have been removed and police are taking the matter seriously.

Now they are looking for a white Mercedes Vitto and a blue-green pickup. These were found in the cabin three times, and police are asking people who see these cars to contact them.

After Rudy shared the stolen story on Facebook, the post was shared almost 4,000 times. She says she got a lot of notes after that.

We can count on it burning under the feet of those who stole the door and windows, and they dare not do anything, but give it back to us.

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