– Continued work until the last second – VG

- Continued work until the last second - VG
Tough result: Dmitry A., author of the Novaya Gazette. In a letter to his subscribers, Muradov said it was a difficult decision, but now the focus is on caring for each other. Here in the editorial office complex in Moscow in October 2021.

The Novaya Gazeta newspaper was closed until the end of the war in Ukraine. They are the latest in a series of independent media outlets that have stopped production in Russia.


On Monday, the Moscow-based Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta announced that it would suspend all publications until the end of the “special operation in Ukraine.”

Earlier on Monday, the newspaper received its second warning from Russian media controller Roskomnadzor.

A newspaper receives two warnings from the Norwegian Media Authority in the same year, warning that the license may be revoked.

Author Dmitry A. According to Muradov, the new regulations make the newspaper more difficult to carry out its journalistic work.

– Nobel laureate We worked continuously until the last second in an interview The New York Times.

– The newsroom will last, we will not go anywhere, and we will think about what new products we can create, and we will think of ways to return to our audience, they can not say what kind of products, says Muratov. The newspaper is considering when it will resume production.

Lasted a very long time

In early March, Russia introduced legislation banning the “deliberate dissemination of false information about the war.”

Violation carries the risk of a fine or up to 15 years in prison.

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In early February, Russia’s only independent, news-based television channel Dozhd decided to stop its regular production.

The same goes for the popular, liberal radio station Ekho Moskvy, which at the same time was shut down by its own government.

Novaya Gazeta is an independent medium that has lasted a very long time, where space for one’s printable space is increasingly restricted.

“We must stop publishing the newspaper and not update the website or our social media until hostilities in the territory of Ukraine are stopped,” Muradov wrote in an email to his subscribers on Monday.

– We and I know, for you it was a terrible and difficult decision. But we need to take care of each other.

Continue it: – Russian professor Atlee Krone says that the newspaper has always been able to maneuver in a tricky way out of the censorship of power. Teacher Dmitry Muradov is here on his way out of the office building of the Novaya Gazeta in 2021.

In recent weeks, the newspaper has provided a number of catches Eyewitnesses From the front line of Ukraine.

In this way, they stayed within the rules, but at the same time helped Russian readers to balance the picture of the war in Ukraine.

– Atlee Krone, a professor of Russian language at the University of Oslo, says that this is a newspaper that, in a way, has always been cunningly deviating from censorship.

He points out Interviewed by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyj With the Sunday newspaper Meduza and the TV channel Dozhd, editor Muradov asked a question through a journalist who conducted the interview.

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In protest of the Kremlin’s attack on press freedom, the newspaper previously published blank front pages.

– They openly acknowledge censorship

The Novaya Gazeta has a relatively moderate rotation, and according to Greens it is “very intelligent and heavy”.

– But this is an important newspaper that has documented and dug up the most gruesome cases. Apparently the most dangerous cases, which have claimed the lives of many employees, he says.

He cites, among other things, the assassination of Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist who created extensive journalism about the war in Chechnya.

A total of six journalists of the newspaper, which was started in 1993, have been killed.

As the Russian professor sees it, there is no other option but to suspend newspaper production.

Sees a cult: Russian professor Atlee Krone believes that the propaganda situation in Russia today is worse than it was in Soviet times.

– They could not write a single word without being misunderstood, says Cron.

– In the past, state media oversight policies have been shown to exist. Now they openly admit to censorship.

He was referring to a report by the Russian media commission Roskomnadzor On Sunday, the Russian media warned Against recreating the interview with Zelenskyj.

The situation of the word now printed in Russia is in many ways the same as it was in the 1980s Glass (Openness) And Mikhail Gorbachev’s reforms, Green hopes.

But the campaign situation has worsened, he believes.

– As it is now, in many ways worse than it was under the Soviet Union. In Soviet times, what they were doing was a joke. With new technology, the campaign is more refined and massive, but first goes through television, he says.

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