Tesla has reached the goal – ITavisen

Tesla has reached the goal – ITavisen

“Between 2018, when we delivered only the Model S and Model .

More than 99 percent of uptime

Additionally, Tesla points out that the Supercharger network was critical in reaching the first goal. Meanwhile, the company confirms that it operates more than 1,000 charging stations and 13,000 chargers in Europe, and that the operating rate reaches 99.95 percent.

Speaking of Tesla Chargers, the company opened its first V4 Chargers in Gardermoen on the eve of September:

“The V4 Supercharger has a 3-meter CCS charging cable that easily plugs into any charging port, and is designed for all electric vehicles to benefit from 99.5 percent uptime and 250 kilowatt charging speeds on the Tesla Supercharger network. A Tesla can charge up to 275 kilometers In 15 minutes. The company reveals that the technology in the V4 chargers is future-proof so you can save more than 250 kilowatts,” we reported on September 28.

The European Union will increase the number of chargers

At the same time, she outlines how important it is to have enough chargers so drivers don’t suffer from range anxiety:

“In 12 of our key markets in Europe, more than 85 percent of motorways and national roads are more than 60 minutes away from a supercharger. Growth will not slow in 2023. During the first three quarters of the year, we opened an average of 8 individual charging units Every day in Europe.

It has been known from the beginning that this is also important for the European Union, which will now ensure that you can drive in the entire EU area without worrying about having to call for roadside assistance – as we announced this summer:

“This affects the ‘Trans-European Transport Network’ with the requirement that from 2025, 150 kilowatt chargers must be provided every six miles traveled. As you can see from the map, Norway is not included in the project, but perhaps that does not matter too much.” Since there are so many charging points here already?”

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