Drammen, Bragernes | Many in custody: – I do not know that it is very difficult to understand, I.

Drammen, Bragernes |  Many in custody: - I do not know that it is very difficult to understand, I.

Tramman: செயல்பstein Eikedalen, operations manager for the Southeastern Police District, says there was a lack of reporting from the Drammen area last night. However, they had to respond to some incidents and they were all unable to behave the same way.

  • At 01.50, police went to the city center of Trammen, where a 20-year-old man from Oscar Municipality was evacuated from the center. The man was detained for violating a police order when he entered a nightclub.

– He gets fined several thousand kroner before he gets out of here, says Ikedalan.

  • At 02.15pm, police went to another nightclub where a 20-year-old gentleman was arguing from the same spot in Askar where the incident took place at 01.50pm. The man was expelled, but chose the same solution as the others.

– I expect him to be fined like everyone else. I do not know if it is very difficult to understand, says Aiketalan about two troubles.

– Drunk and quarrelsome

A total of three people were taken into custody on Sunday morning. On Saturday night, a Finnmarker in his 20s was brought in from Wickersund.

– This is a completely identical situation like the other two here. Disorderly drinker.

Another person on the tramman last night is in danger of being arrested.

– A man under the age of 20 from Drumman did not follow the orders of the police. He was reported to have insulted the police, but we did not bring him inside.

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According to Eikedalen, they notice that the community is more open.

– Last night was good, but the return to normal is noticeable. There is a definite change, Eikedalen concludes.

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