Full debate between Christian Brynhovd and Pahari Viken in Farmin Kindes

Full debate between Christian Brynhovd and Pahari Viken in Farmin Kindes

“Farm Celebrity” is finally back on TV, and already in the first episode on Tuesday you can see the contours of the strong relationship emerging between the big farmer Bahare Viken (30 years old) and the real-life profiler Cristian Brennhovd (25 years old).

My mother is a great role model for me

Brynhovd is clearly opposed to the big farmer when the contractors begin the first week's job. The matter ends in a conflict that becomes more intense as the days pass.

– Worse than I thought

In front of Se og Hør, Brynhovd makes no secret that much of the frustration stems from the fact that he originally wanted to become a big farmer himself.

– Yes, but I did not dare to raise my hand and announce my desire to play this role myself. There was something that made me feel very angry. Plus, I was very hungry at the time, he says.

mistake: 'Farmen Kjindis' has only just begun, and the first injury of the year is a reality. An injury that causes permanent damage, even after the end of the farm's life. “Highlights of the year,” says one participant. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Jonas Hammer/Rud Lauper/TV2
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The 25-year-old has never experienced the feud with Viken as something small.

– No, not at all. I'm used to worse scenes than this in “Ex on the beach”, so here it is Just Fighting and arguing. I think Bahari might have thought it was harder than what I went through.

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Good Relationship: Bahare Viken had a better relationship with the dog Ivar in

Good Relationship: Bahare Viken had a better relationship with the dog Ivar in “Farmen kendis” than with fellow participant Christian Brynhovd. Photography: Anton Sogio/TV2
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-So how did you feel when you saw it on TV?

– It was much worse than I thought it would be. I didn't really think I'd go So It's hard to get out.

He said sorry

According to the participant of “Farmen kjendis”, the conflict with Viken will get stronger throughout the week.

About the previous: - Surprised

About the previous: – Surprised

– This is getting worse, and worse, and worse. I was tired, bored and hungry. There will be a tense and eccentric atmosphere.

– How bad will it be?

– I really lashed out once, and then Harry started crying. It built up, while there were many other little things that bothered me. Many things happened. I think I'll probably come out of this worse than I did when I participated in “71 Degrees North,” so to speak.

behind: The 'Farm Celebrity' profile is no longer single. Video: Red Runner
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Last week – almost all the participants gathered at the “Fika” cinema in Oslo to watch the first episode. Brynhovd says he thought it was nice to see the big farmer in the first week again.

New season: Dorthe Skappel leads the first

New Season: Dorthe Skappel leads the first-ever “Farm Celebrity.” Participants include Egil Skordal, Sondre Nyström, Kato Zal Pedersen, Onni Askeland, Björg Thorhalsdottir, Daniel Frank, Sander Østad “Randol” Dill, and Anne Catt. Herland, Emily “Fu” Nehring, Harry Viken, Emma Ellingsen and Christian Brynhovd. Photography: Anton Sogio/TV2
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That meeting ended with a party that lasted until 4 a.m., during which Brynhovd also apologized for the old order.

-And now we've broken up. I felt compelled to apologise, because I was the most difficult person in this dispute. I think she thought it was very cute. Personally, I'm used to there being bad vibes on TV, but you become friends when you come home.

-I never knew those feelings

Bahare Viken admits to Se og Hør that she was surprised that the argument with Brennhovd came so suddenly.

- Applying for many different jobs

– Applying for many different jobs

-The tone changed a little when we received the book from the guide and the weekly mission was underway. A lot of people got excited, including Christian, which is really nice. He's just committed and wants to contribute. But he made his choices for himself, and I notice that's the opposite of my tactics, especially as a big-time farmer, you think.

She doesn't hide the fact that she thinks the whole controversy was annoying.

See the first photos from the “Celebrity Farm”. Video: TV2/Red Runner.
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-I have never felt these feelings, and I have never argued with a friend. My mom only every now and then. You're frustrated, and you're in a dilemma where you wonder whether you should stick with it or spare yourself and drop it. I got defensive and avoided the conversation because I didn't want it to get a little more heated.

Viken confirms that Brennhovd offered her a sincere apology over a glass of wine on Thursday last week.

He rejects speculation

He rejects speculation

-I got a little apology at the farm, but I didn't quite believe it. I didn't feel safe with him for that reason, I felt a little provoked. But now I was able to believe in him. I think we misunderstood each other a little from the beginning, and the fact that I was a big farmer meant that I was in a vulnerable position, she told Se og Hør.

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