Gulrutin, NRK | If you don't win, I don't understand anything

Gulrutin, NRK |  If you don't win, I don't understand anything

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Tonight, the stage is set again for Gullruten on TV 2 and a number of awards will be handed out to the entertainment industry.

There are many good candidates to win, but I still have some clear favorites. In fact, I think some are so obvious that if they don't win, it will be a scandal.

Here are some of the categories, and some of the categories that I think should get an award tonight:

“Makta” should win

The “Best Drama Series” category is so clear, that I actually don't think it's possible to get a different result than that… (drum roll)… “Makta” wins.

So, isn't this just the best drama series ever with the best actors ever? Yes I mean.

Other nominees in this category are:

  • “Delete me 2”
  • “Seas of War”
  • “Architect”

The “Best Comedy Drama” category is somewhat more difficult. The candidates are:

  • “Warriors of the Earth”
  • “Day of Fools”
  • “Fucking's Fladseth”
  • “camouflage”

Here, I think they are all good candidates, and I won't exaggerate it no matter who wins.

Maybe I'll keep pressing the “stupid day” button.

Maria Ludvigsen

Maria Ludvigsen is SoMe director and entertainment commentator at Nettavisen. She has previously distinguished herself as a commentator on Shall We Dance, and loves to have her opinion on everything that creeps up and down in Norwegian and international entertainment.

“Gauteshow” could divide the country

“Best Comedy Program” is an interesting category this year — mainly because “Gauteshow” and “New Again” were both nominated. Will the country be divided into two parts? Will the young people vote for “Gauteshow” and the old people for “New Again”?

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“Rikets Roast” and “The King Commands” are also nominated in this category, but I think they're putting up a tough fight.

Personally, I'd probably prefer to give the award to 'The King Commands' or 'New Again', but I'd basically be surprised if it didn't go to the two companions – namely 'Gauteshow'.

Press the button on “Game”

“Best Competition Based Fact” is probably the category I'm most looking forward to. The candidates are:

  • “the game”
  • “Lauritzen Company”
  • “traitor”
  • “Portrait Championship”

Let's be brutally honest: they all deserve to win.

There are probably many people who haven't had Portrait Heroism, in which case I recommend watching it. There's something absolutely amazing about the fact that someone has actually come up with the idea of ​​creating a television competition for which artists are allowed to portray celebrities.

Of course, I'm holding down my favorite “game” button, but we'll see what happens.

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Give Frederic Solvang an award

In the “Best News and Current Affairs Programme” category, the nominees are:

  • “Norway behind the façade”
  • “Eurex”
  • “Discussion”
  • “Peter – where no one wants to live”

And I don't have to say anything more here than: Let “The Debate” and Frederic Solvang win – give this man an award. What an incredible effort he's making.

Solvang was also nominated in another category. She is “Best TV Presenter – Reality, Lifestyle and Current Affairs”

Solvang was nominated with:

  • Ilse Kaas Furuseth for “Helsekost Furuseth”
  • Mads Hansen for the movie “Traitor”
  • Bard Toft Johansson for “The Caretaker”
  • Peter Nyquist for “Peter – Where No One Shall Live” and
  • Tova Velman for “Insider”
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If Solvang or Else Kåss Furuseth doesn't win, I don't understand anything!

Solvang is and will continue to be a great presenter on “The Debate” – and this year he has also shown that he has mastered the other stages as well. I was very impressed with the way he handled the role of Melodi Grand Prix presenter.

Perhaps Else Kåss Furuseth deserves the award more. Her presenter role in the program “Helsekost Furuseth” was great. It can't be an easy task, and I think the series has done a lot for many.

Large Gulroten walnut

In the “Best Broadcaster – Entertainment” category, the following were nominated:

  • Solveig Clubin and John Almas for the film “All Against All”
  • Atle Antonsen and Ole Wermskog for “The King Commands”
  • Another Kåss Furuseth for “ELSE!”
  • Solveig Klubin for the movie “Norwegian Talent”
  • Marty Stokstad for “The Title Liverpool”
  • Bard Tove Johansson for “New Again”

For me this is nuts. I can't choose.

I think Clopin and Almas are an unexpected but absolutely adorable duo.

Atle Antonsen and Ole Wermskog certainly deserve a Gullruten Award for their efforts in “The King Commands.”

Else Kåss Furuseth may be the latest talk show queen, and she deserves credit for that.

Good clopin in Norske Talenter (makes it impossible not to shed a tear or ten steadily),

Marte Stokstad is responsible for one of the programs that the undersigned like the most – the Adresse programs before the Eurovision Song Contest. Stokstad always plays guests well and gives TV viewers exactly what we want. Give her goolrotten!

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And last but not least: Bård Tufte Johansen in “Nytt på Nytt” – well, who would have thought that changing the presenter would make this show better and better?

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No, I can't do this. Can't everyone have a Golroten statue? Can they divide it into six?

Tearing my hair out

Best Reality and Lifestyle Show: Here the statue has to go to “Zero Stars.” Finding a better travel program will take a long time.

Other nominees in this category are:

  • “The life of an artist”
  • “Healthy food furoseth”
  • “Lauritzen Company: Band”

So, on to the last category I'm considering: Best Dramatic Actor.

The candidates are:

  • Sofia Tjelta Sidneys for the movie “Delete Me 2”
  • Christopher Juner for “Krigsseileren”
  • Jan-Gunnar Rose for the movie “Makta”
  • Katherine Thorborg Johansen for “Makta”
  • Silda Ekiz for “Norwegian-ish”
  • Ellie Harbaugh for “The Architect”

I wanted to write this in capital letters:

If Katherine Thorborg Johansen doesn't win a Gollrutten Award for her lovely role as Harlem's puppy Brundtland in Makta, I'm going to tear my hair out.

That's it, thanks for me. Enjoy “Gullruten” tonight and cheer for your favorite. May the best win!

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