There will be a new Norwegian Christmas series on Netflix – now with Lars Saabye Christensen on board

Following the success of “Home for Christmas” on Netflix, director Per-Olav Sørensen will now be making a new Christmas series for the streaming service – with Lars Saabye Christensen co-writing the screenplay.


“Home for Christmas” was a success. Now the new Norwegian Christmas series is moving to Netflix.

The framework for the course of action is clear, according to the press release from the streaming service:

In December 2022, a group of people arrive at Oslo Airport – some to welcome their loved ones, some to return home with their families, and still others there to escape Christmas altogether.

“But somehow their Christmas mission goes unnoticed. They are all stranded at the airport and the clock is ticking – it’s only 24 hours until Christmas – what are they going to do?” he stated.

Per Olaf Sorensen is the director, and wrote the script with Lars Sabi Christensen and Jan Trygve Roinland. Sørensen and Saabye Christensen have worked together before – with NRK’s ​​big series “Halvbroren”, based on the latter’s novel.


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Lars Saabye Christensen will co-create a new series with Per-Olav Sørensen.

There will be six episodes of 35 minutes each. Recording will begin in Oslo next year, and on the same Christmas Netflix will launch the currently unknown series globally.

I am delighted to collaborate with Netflix and with talented author Lars Saabye Christensen once again. This story of a handful of characters who are stranded in an airport fascinates us, and we look forward to weaving these destinies together, says Per Olaf Sorensen in a statement.

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