Impressed on TV: – I have so much standing fur that I almost don't need clothes

Impressed on TV: – I have so much standing fur that I almost don't need clothes

Oslo: – It's absolutely sick of me to share this here. The thing I'm most afraid of is that I won't be able to perform to the best of my ability, 22-year-old Vettel Cleveland said before taking the stage in front of the mentors on The Voice.

– I feel very nervous when I go on stage, but when I start playing or singing, this tension goes away. “As long as I can be present in the music, most of the nerves tend to go away,” he continued.

However, nerves did not prove to be a problem.

It gave the mentors something to work on

Cleveland sang “Louie Bag” by Yebba at his audition, impressing several mentors.

Inna and Roldsen commented on the 22-year-old's vocal range and said that the song he chose was difficult to sing.

– It's hard to judge!

She received support from the other three, and the guides discussed much with their backs before Jarl Bernhoft, Inna, and Roldsen chose to retreat at the last second.

Compared to precious stones

“We have kept you on the torture bench for a long time,” said Woldsen, and continued:

-There are certain parts where you are insanely inactive. You're too controlling, and you chose a difficult song. It's impossible not to turn around when you have such control. loved it.

Bernhoft continued with a sports metaphor:

– If it wasn't a match of ten, it was a match of purely 50 or 70 votes! Since there's so much going on, you can view all the logs. “I have so much standing fur that I almost don't need clothes,” he said.

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When Cleveland had to decide which of the two he wanted to be his mentor, the choice fell on Jarl Bernhoft—who later referred to Cleveland's audition as “a mine with many gems in it.”

“The one I choose is the one I feel is most similar to me vocally, and the one I have a good feeling about,” Christiansander said.

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