Water leak at railway station in Bergen

Water leak at railway station in Bergen

– It was an exciting night, says Stein ov Boland.

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He is a shift operator in the municipality of Bergen.

A water main break was observed near the railway station and at 06.50 work was still underway to seal the main.

According to the police, some excavation work has to be carried out.

– We are still working. “We were able to close the broken line,” says Stein Ove Boland, on-call operator of the municipality of Bergen.

Brown water from the ground

He tells of a busy night when both hotels and private individuals were without water for periods.

Bergen Municipality and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration have employees.

The Swedish Road Transport Agency initially said Stromkaden was closed. At 07.20, a field is opened at the site by routing.

A tipster who lives in the area wrote to BT last night that brown water was coming out of the ground and the pressure in the water pipe had clearly dropped.

Many people lost water on Saturday night.

It's below zero in Bergen and the water threatens to freeze. The police were on patrol when they saw water coming from the rocks.

– They have complained of a lot of water on the road outside the train station, operations manager Frod Goldthwaite told NTB.

The incident was reported to the police at 01:19. They completed the work at that place at 03.30 last night.

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