Coolo Matt

Coolo Matt

The rapper achieved huge success with the song “Gangsta’s Paradise” heard in the popular movie “Dangerous Minds” with Michelle Pfeiffer in the title role in 1995.

His real name is Artis Leon Ivy Jr.

His manager said that Collio died in Los Angeles, possibly of a heart attack Location.

He says Coolio was visiting a friend and found him lifeless on the floor after he went to the toilet.

The friend then allegedly called the emergency services who arrived and pronounced him dead at the scene. No official cause of death was known.

Student side: Coolio himself visited a group of students from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston in 2013. Here the students rap and sing the choir. Video: Newsflare
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Besides the featured song, he also had several other hit songs, such as “A Wonderful Journey”, “1,2,3,4 (Sumpin’ New)”, and “It’s All the Way Live (Now)”

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