See the first pictures after the asteroid crash

See the first pictures after the asteroid crash

It sounded more exciting than I could have imagined, says Pål Brekke, Head of Science at the Norwegian Space Center for Television 2.

NASA has released the first images from the Cubesat nanosatellite.

They showed massive devastation after that The DART space probe collided with an asteroid At a speed of more than 22,000 kilometers per hour. She gave a violent moment.

– It was a crazy blast. Brick says a lot of rocks and ice are flying in all directions.

He says the gravity on the asteroid is low and the mass is porous. This makes it vulnerable to such collision.

This is what the crash looked like from a telescope on Earth:

Historic attempt

Although the collapse was massive, it was planned and desired by NASA.

The goal was to change the asteroid’s path, as an attempt to prevent celestial bodies, such as asteroids or comets, from colliding with Earth in the future.

NASA expects to shorten the path this asteroid takes around a larger asteroid by a few minutes, Breck explains.

– If they could change course, then this project was very successful, he says.

Send a new probe

The consequences of the collapse will be carefully studied in the coming years. The European Space Agency (ESA) is responsible for an important part of this research.

Smell: The Nano satellite succeeded in taking pictures of the impacted asteroid. Photo: ASI/NASA

They will send a new probe to investigate the crater of the asteroid.

It will probably be able to provide better pictures of the devastation. But they likely won’t arrive until 2026.

This is what it looked like when the space probe entered an asteroid landing on Monday evening

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