Corona Virus, ESPN Nakstad | Nakstad: We hope to avoid hospitalizations like this this winter

Corona Virus, ESPN Nakstad |  Nakstad: We hope to avoid hospitalizations like this this winter

We hope we won’t reach the same levels this winter, says Espen Nakstad of Corona patients.

In a short time, the number of hospitalizations may reach three figures due to Corona, according to Assistant Director of Health Espen Nakstad.

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The big question is how many cases of serious illness do we get when the infection increases as it is now. I think we’ll have a three-digit inpatient number in the near future, more than a hundred patients at the same time, Nakstad tells NTB.

— but hopefully we won’t reach the same levels last winter when we had the third wave of infections, he adds.

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On Tuesday, 89 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized, an increase of ten cases from Monday. 11 of them are receiving respiratory treatment while 22 are in the intensive care unit. The number is the highest since May 26.

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Re-opening stopped

The recent high infection rates have had consequences for the reopening plan.

– For now, reopening has been put on hold to be able to do more vaccinations, and the government will take a stand on this as a whole next time, says Nakstad.

It is a political assessment of what to do with these reopening steps, not least when they are introduced, he asserts.

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At the same time, Nakstad points out, the Phase 4 reopening is largely about contact between fully vaccinated people.

– It’s not as critical as managing infections among children and young adults today.

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danger picture

At the same time, it plays a role in the overall picture of the risks how people will come into contact with each other in the coming weeks, he says.

It is important that we all now follow basic infection control advice, stay home when sick and stay away from others in public. Nakstad believes that if we can also limit the number of people we share and have close contact with, this combined with vaccination will help us reduce infection.

Could it be related to stress, or is it normal to do as in Denmark where covid-19 is no longer considered a socially dangerous disease?

Since the vast majority of the adult population has been vaccinated, national measures directed against them will be less necessary and proportionate. On the other hand, local measures targeting highly infectious age groups and environments will continue to be important.

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