“Fingernails” stars Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed highlight the anti-rom-com love story

“Fingernails” stars Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed highlight the anti-rom-com love story

In a unique experience to explore love, nails (Now on Apple TV+) Stars Jesse Buckley and Riz Ahmed said it was a special opportunity to star in a film about love in an “anti-rom-com” format.

“Most romantic comedies or most stories about love say, ‘Look, we all know what love is, and now let’s see some characters trying to find it,’” Ahmed said. Yahoo Canada. “This actually turns that premise upside down and goes, … What if we no longer know what love is at all? What if we have to learn on our own and teach each other from scratch what love is? And what if ‘someone told you there’s a test?’ So, do you believe him? Do you trust him? Can you measure it?”

“There are all these things that actually make it attractive to me as someone who doesn’t naturally gravitate toward romantic comedies. It’s almost like anti-romance comedies, they make you lean into them more and you move on, okay, right,” this is The interesting aspect of the whole thing. I think it’s absolutely wonderful.”

Apple TV+

Watch Fingernails on Apple TV+ with a 7-day free trial, then $12.99 per month

$13 on Apple TV+

Buckley added that the uniqueness of nails is that director and co-writer, Christos Nikou, doesn’t “spark” love in this story either.

“Love at its best is just kind of not being able to know it all and not trying to make it good or make it perfect, or once you sign that line, you’ll be 100% in love.” Buckley said.

“I agree that it’s kind of a romantic comedy, and I think there’s a courage in someone to take the premise of a love story and slow it down, and leave you a little uncomfortable in it, rather than trying to make it a thrilling hit or an adrenaline-fueled hit, which I think a lot of the way he finds… Love people nowadays depend on it. Click and connect, and then you will be fixed.

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Two movie stars

Jesse Buckley and Riz Ahmed in “Fingernails,” premiering November 3, 2023 on Apple TV+.

What is the theme of “Nails”?

Nico nails The film is set in a world where people can take a love test to determine if their romantic partner is truly their ideal partner. The test is done by extracting a fingernail from each person, allowing the machine to measure the love between the two people, with the goal of obtaining a score of 100 percent.

Anna (Buckley) has successfully found her perfect partner, Ryan (Jeremy Allen White), but has doubts, leading her to take a job at the Love Test Institute, run by founder Duncan (Luke Wilson).

At the institute, Anna meets Amir (Ahmed), whose job involves conducting a series of exercises with couples who hope to strengthen their love for each other before taking a final exam.

As Anna’s feelings for Amir develop, she begins to wonder if he could be her true love partner, instead of Ryan.

Jesse Buckley and Riz Ahmed in

Jesse Buckley and Riz Ahmed in “Fingernails,” now streaming on Apple TV+.

The beauty of “old school” is in the absence of technology

While technology is integrated into the story nailsNico’s film has a quite analogue feel when it comes to technology in the film. The machine used to take the love test is actually the only technology we see.

As Ahmed mentioned, this analogue feeling also plays a role in the film’s reflection on the limits of technology.

“It’s not about putting the flag on a pedestal, it’s probably about our foolishness in doing so,” he said. “I suspect [there’s] “There’s something interesting about portraying all this technology as inherently limited, in feeling inherently part of VHS and analog, like something that could be outdated the day after tomorrow.”

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“Even though it’s a scientific test, there’s something very profound about it. It’s about tearing your fingernails off and getting into a room-sized computer. It speaks to me about an age of technology that was a little more naive. … To transfer that to the movie, I think it puts you Subconsciously in a space of like, oh yeah, technology is just a box of tricks that will be outdated by next week. So why should we trust it so much?”

Apple TV+

Watch Fingernails on Apple TV+ with a 7-day free trial, then $12.99 per month

$13 on Apple TV+

Buckley described Nico as “old school” and “an old romantic” in some ways, tapping into a “different era” of “humans just trying to be human to each other”.

“Personally, I really hate it when someone texts about a movie,” Buckley admitted. “It’s part of our lives, but when you watch people act like that on screen, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, it’s so disconnected,’ and… I’ve been those people when they’re texting on screen and you’re like, ‘Can’t you talk to a human being?’ ?

“I think when you go to the movies you want people to be people, in a way. You don’t want them to be robots or, heaven forbid, artificial intelligence.”

Director of photography Marcel Rives and director Christos Nikou behind the scenes

Director of Photography Marcel Rives and director Christos Nikou go behind the scenes of “Fingernails,” which will premiere November 3, 2023 on Apple TV+.

Music, karaoke and lots of jokes on the “Fingernails” set

One thing is quite clear nails is that the actors and Nico had a great time making this movie.

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“It’s often the people before the text,” Ahmed said of what attracted him to this project.

“I just feel like when things are down and you’re running out of time on set, the scene isn’t working, and you need to make something up, and it’s about how well you connect with those people, and how much you trust those people, even more than just a script or a story. “I think that was the biggest attraction for me.”

This also extended to Nico’s decision to play a specific song before filming each scene, in order to create a special mood for the cast and crew.

“I’ve always loved that, it sets the tone and mood of the scenes when you get into them,” Buckley said.

“We were playing karaoke. [Nikou] Singing love [Ben E. King’s ‘Stand By Me.’] He loves doing karaoke. It wasn’t serious, he was singing, and in the background you hear Christos doing a karaoke song, which also lightens the mood.

Ahmed also introduced Buckley to some new rap music during filming nails.

“I feel like we had a good time making this movie, we were just cracking jokes and…this is really the dream,” Ahmed said. “You can go into every shot and every scene with a sense of relaxation, relaxation, and enjoyment of the people you’re working with.”

“I know people sometimes say, ‘Look, you can have a terrible time making a project, but it’s still a great project, or you can have a great time making something and it’s terrible. But I don’t know if I believe that too much. I feel like it’s Even if something goes wrong, when a project doesn’t quite take off with audiences, if there’s a certain amount of love and connection and joy at the heart of executing it, I feel that shows, and I think people pick up on that.”

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