Maria Stavange, 71°N is famous

Maria Stavange, 71°N is famous

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This fall, comedian Maria Stavang (28 years old) appeared on the popular entertainment show “71 Degrees North – Norway’s Toughest Celebrities”.

The experience has been a rollercoaster for Stavang, and although it’s been a few weeks since this year’s season ended, the comedian recalls a dramatic incident during a TV taping.

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In Martin Lepperød’s (30) podcast, “Kladden har dævva,” Stavang says she is afraid she will die in front of TV cameras.

Fear of death

In the humorous podcast about death, Stavang revealed that she had a near-death experience when she and other participants climbed the summit of Mount Ludalskaba, which is 2,000 meters above sea level.

On the way up the mountain, Staffang was filled with panic and terror, and it became a tear-soaked television moment.

The 28-year-old says in a recent podcast episode that she’s not afraid of heights, but the fear of death hit her hard when she climbed the mountain:

– When you climb, you should feel like you know where your hands and feet are. I had no sense of it and then I lost control. Damn, I could die. “I’m afraid of death,” she recalls.

Maria Stavang did not respond to Netavicin’s inquiries.

Although Stavange had climbed a bit in the past, she was not used to climbing mountain peaks, and according to her, the fear of death came when she did not feel in control of the mountainside.

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At the beginning of the podcast episode, Staffang does not hide her fear of death, and sheds tears because she thinks she will die one day.

Show lead Martin Liberod says he was an avid viewer this season, and that it was unpleasant to see Staffang panicking and fearing for his life on TV.

Drama behind the camera

Staffang also explains why she panicked on the mountainside, and also reveals that this is something viewers didn’t get to see on TV.

Although safety was taken seriously under 71 Degrees North, the 28-year-old faced a challenge in front of the cameras when she climbed Lodalskåpa carrying skis on her back.

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It was secured with a rope that was controlled by a member of the security team. But then she found that the rope was too tight, meaning she couldn’t move freely, and she didn’t have a good grip.

“I have a period where I look into the camera and shout to the photographer that he must report that the rope is too tight,” she reveals in “Kladden har dævva,” adding that the photographer can do nothing but make sure the moment is captured. On the movie.

Stavang goes on to say that she frantically tried to signal another member of the security team to undo the rope, but it would take time for the message to get through, something that was not visible to TV viewers.

Fortunately, it worked, and Staffang was able to safely reach the top of the mountain. In the podcast episode, the duo bragged that something similar happened on the first popular edition of “71 Degrees North,” when Tommy Stein, 54, had a panic attack on the rock face.

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– I previously said that I would not join the series if it involved climbing, because it is too disgusting. I have a fear of rock walls, Stein previously admitted to NetVision.

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