Prince William and Prince Harry:

Prince William and Prince Harry:

In 2020 packed Prince Harry (37)And the Duchess Meghan (41) and son Archie (3) She moved and changed her residence from England in favor of Los Angeles.

The couple’s daughter also arrived in the United States Lilipet Diana (1) to the world.

At the same time, rumors abounded about an icy front between the Prince and his older brother Prince William (40 years old). It has also been speculated whether there was also a bad tone between their spouses, Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate (40).

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Next month, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan will visit the UK, but they are said to have no plans to meet William and Kate, he writes People.

You did not agree to the meeting

According to People, the trip to the UK centers around several charity visits.

Kate and William are said to have moved to Adelaide Cottage in Windstor when Harry and Meghan arrived in the Old Country, which means there is a short distance between Kate and William’s home and Harry and Meghan’s UK residence, Frogmore Cottage, which is part of Queen Elizabeth. (96) Many characteristics.

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So it should all be for the Prince brothers and their spouses to meet, but according to a source for People, “the couples are not planning to meet at the moment.”

The last time Harry and Meghan visited the UK was while visiting the Queen Platinum Anniversary in Junebut then there was no general interaction between the pairs either.

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extended runner

to me worldwide The good relationship between the two brothers began to crack in 2018. Then royal reporter Katie Nicholl can reveal that Harry should have told William he hadn’t done enough to get Meghan into the royal family.

According to Nicole, the princes’ father, Prince Charles (73), had to step in and asked William to make an effort to make Meghan feel welcome. That same year, William and Kate invited their brother and sister-in-law to celebrate Christmas with them.

However, that was only the beginning of the alleged feud between the two brothers. In October 2019, Prince Harry commented on the rumors for the first time.

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“Part of this role, this job and this family, being under the pressure that comes with it, it’s inevitable, you know, things happen,” said the Prince to worldwide.

“But we are brothers, we will always be brothers,” he further explained, adding that as brothers, they both have good and bad days.

During the controversial interview with Oprah last year, Prince Harry said he hoped “time will heal all wounds”, without going into detail about the state of his relationship with his brother.

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