– Amazing to watch – VG

- Amazing to watch - VG
Divorce Against His Will: Kanye West has resisted divorce and it continues to make waves in Kim Kardashian’s life.

As Kanye West rages on social media and is taking revenge on the music video, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah shouts a warning on behalf of Kim Kardashian and harasss the women.


Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show, has been among those reacting aggressively to what he believes to be the pure harassment of Kim Kardashian (41).

Tuesday of this week He posted a video of about ten minutes long On the situation between the rapper and reality star after the stormy divorce – Kanye West’s divorce (44) Most publicly opposed.

Noah also mentioned the conflict on Instagram, where he noted that Kim Kardashian might love the publicity and at the same time get harassed.

South African Noah, as is Comes from a violent house He testified that his stepfather had wounded his mother, warning against taking lightly the situation among the newly divorced:

What you’re going through is scary to witness, and it sheds light on what many women go through when they decide to leave a relationship, Noah says in the video.

– Trying to do the best for the kids

Meanwhile, reality star, businesswoman, and law student Kim Kardashian is doing her best to keep her cool. She said this in an open interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

“I think it’s just me, and I’ve always had such a good example in my mom and dad and their relationship,” Kim Kardashian said in the TV interview, referring to “momanger” Kris Jenner and his late attorney, Robert Kardashian.

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– So I am always an optimist and no matter what happens, he is the father of my children. I will always be protective. I always want my children to see the best of the best.

The case was first mentioned in People Magazine.

Happy days: Kim Kardashian with her daughter North West on her lap and then-husband Kanye West by her side during New York Fashion Week in February 2015.

banned from instagram

After a turbulent time when Kardashian wanted a divorce from the rapper, something Kanye West had consistently opposed, Judge upheld in the desire for divorce.

The newly divorced couple have children North (8), Saint (6), Chicago (4) and Psalm (2) together.

Thursday morning Norwegian time, Kanye West Banned From Instagram for 24 hours. The reason for the exclusion is that West has violated Instagram legislation regarding harassment.

West, who goes by the name “Ye”, cannot post, comment or send direct messages from his account the next day.

Angry at Kim’s new girlfriend

Kanye West recently criticized Kim several times publicly and scolded her as a mother and teacher. The rapper also met his ex-wife’s new girlfriend“Saturday Night Live” comedian Pete Davidson (28).

Kanye’s Fury Wakes Up: Comedian Pete Davidson (28) is a new girlfriend of Kim Kardashian (41).

During the visit to the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, it is clear that Kim is happy to talk about her new flame, which she decided to cast in love with.

– I went for it. I thought, You know what, I’m in my forties, instead, why not. She said: Find your happiness yourself.

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Davidson, for his part, took love to a new level burn themselves In the name of Kim.

Kardashian revealed that he wanted there to be such a scar.

Kidnapping and burying a doll

In the music video for the recently released song “Easy,” Kanye West kidnaps and buries a clay Davidson-like character.

The SKIMS Foundation admits that she is struggling with her ex-husband’s results:

– Kardashian commented in the TV interview, “Although it’s hard sometimes, I try to ignore it and do what’s best for the kids.”

– I’m trying to rise above it.

In an interview with the cover American Vogue Earlier this winter, Kim Kardashian talked about new priorities in life:

For a long time I have been doing what makes others happy. Over the past two years, Kardashian said, I’ve decided to make myself happy.

– I chose myself.


In his critique of Kanye West, Trevor Noah warns society not to let mental health issues overshadow what’s going on.

West, who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is being punished for creating an unbearable dangerous situation for his ex-wife.

Women are asked what is happening to them, unlike people who are asked what is going on from the direction of they. As a society, we must ask ourselves: Would we want to stand still and watch a car accident if we understood in advance what would happen? Noah asks.

Warning: Talk show host Trevor Noah thinks “ordinary women” stand no chance when not even Kim Kardashian gets away with harassment.

When “one of the world’s most powerful and richest women” can’t convince her ex to stop texting, stalking or harassing her, it says a lot about how vulnerable women are to privilege, as Trevor Noah believes:

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– If Kim can’t get away with this – Kim Kardashian – If she can’t escape, how can a normal woman ever get a chance to do that?

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