Pernille Sorensen quits Nytt på Nytt

Pernille Sorensen quits Nytt på Nytt

On Friday, Pernille Sørensen will broadcast her last broadcast of the popular programme.


She confirms it NRK.

– It’s very strange. She told the channel that I feel a mixture of feelings.

There’s a bunch of very funny people I’m not going to work with anymore, and it makes me very sad.

Sørensen has been a fixture on the board at “Nytt på Nytt” since 2015. At that time, she took over from Ingrid Gjessing Linhave.

But it’s over now. In the fall, the comedian will premiere the comedy show “3 for 1” with Live Nelvik and Kristine Riis.

In addition, she will work on a new and big comedy series for NRK and will be a screenwriter on two more projects.

When you land all those balls at the same time, it becomes difficult to get a full time job like Nytt på Nytt. She told NRK that the universe only has 24 hours in a day, and then it becomes difficult to reconcile four functions.

It is currently unclear who will take over the presidency after Pernell Sorensen.

Over the past 20 years, the comedian has acted in several different television and stage productions, including ‘Løvebakken’, ’20 Questions’ and ‘Uti vår Hage’. Sørensen admits to NRK that this change of pace is very special because she’s had the job for so long.

– And you work intensely and closely together throughout the year. Then you become very attached to those you work with.

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At the same time that Sørensen is looking forward to new projects, she is afraid to say goodbye to what she refers to as a great era.

In recent weeks, she has been absent from several broadcasts, replaced by replacements such as Sigrid Bonde Tusvik and Liv Gulbrandsen. The reason for this is the “ohm side” recording.

Earlier, there was also news that the fall season, in which Sorensen plays one of the main roles, will be the last.

– It will take time for me to realize that a full decade of two major career productions with so many people to be happy with has come to an end.

She says she will miss the variety and excitement with the new guests every week on “Nytt på Nytt”, as well as all the humorous discussions with colleagues Johan Golden and Bård Tufte Johansen.

It would be Sorensen’s last appearance in a well-known company, as former presenter John Almas was a guest star on the show alongside Knut Nerum.

– It will be the last broadcast for all the boys I worked with. The circle is closed.

So far, VG has not been able to contact Sorensen on Monday morning. NRK’s ​​Director of Communications, Lene Mykjåland, has stated that it will be business as usual preparing for this week’s broadcast.


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