Norwegian Politics and Politics | This is what the newspapers wrote about politics on Monday, March 20th

Norwegian Politics and Politics |  This is what the newspapers wrote about politics on Monday, March 20th

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Editorial of the Millennium Development Goals in government: – More must go by itself (electronic newspaper)
On Sunday, Kirsti Bergstø gave her first speech as party leader at the national meeting of SV. There a clear invitation was made to Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Storr (AP) and Finance Minister Trigv Slagsvold Vedom (SP). – Jonas and Trygvi should know one thing: my door is always open. She said in the SV, we are ready to negotiate on the basis of government. The new SV leader believes that the parties on the red and green side should stop closing doors to each other. Read more

Vedum with meat lift: no tax guarantee (VG)
The Minister of Finance and leader of the Center Party, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum (Sp), guarantees that he will not introduce a meat tax in Norway. – I don’t think vegetarians want Norway to grow again either, so I think many of them are very happy that there are quite a few meat eaters, says Widum. Read more

The Center Party wants to cut taxes on businesses (finansavicin)
The Center Party believes that the overall tax burden on Norwegian business should be reduced. The party will also try out youth tax breaks. Read more

He predicts a bone-chilling settlement (daily)
The Minister of Agriculture believes that grocery stores should take more responsibility for the rise in food prices. – We have to get better control, Sandra Burch tells Dagbladet. Read more

Høyre and Ap are in a conflict over Norwegian oil and gas (electronic newspaper)
Conservative MP Lynn Westgaard-Halle (C) believes that Labor is now reporting that oil and gas extraction can go on “forever” and that the parties are practically giving up on the Paris agreement. – She completely missed the mark, Ap-topp replies. Read more

She has a lot to prove (Written by Lars Nehru Sand, NRK)
Underneath the surface, things are a bit mellow in the SV. Bergstow’s leadership must succeed in order to keep the party united on a political course. Read more

Bergstø attacks tax evaders: – Røkke can smoke and travel! (VG)
Kirsti Bergstø (SV) attacks billionaire Kjell Inge Røkke in her first National Assembly speech. – Nonsense, – answers the Minister of Works. Read more

In the speech of the first party leader, Bergstu Sture challenges: – Destroy the line of action (NRK)
A clear letter to Støre and Vedum from the new SV captain. And opened discussions about the electrification of Melkoya. Read more

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Now SV no longer supports the removal of Norway from NATO (NRK)
SV revoked its 50-year-old NATO position. Read more

We who loved SV (by Hans Petter Sjøli, VG)
Sekstiåtterpartiet SV left the eternal seminar in favor of hard and constructive power politics. Read more

Sandra Burch: – It’s not the High Parliament or the activists who should apologize (DN)
Agriculture Minister and Sami Sandra Burch is concerned that Parliament’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission Storting will create too much truth and too little reconciliation in light of the Füssen case and the new conflicts between growth and protection in the north. Read more

The majority says no to demolishing the disputed wind turbines (NTB/VG)
One in three respondents support activists’ demand to demolish the wind turbines in Vossen, according to a survey. But 44 percent said no to the demolition. Read more

Speaker of the Saami Parliament: – Hagen on the mulberry trip (VG)
The speaker of the Sami Parliament, Celje Karin Motka, reacts strongly to Carl Hagen who wants to re-confront the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Fossen case. Read more

LO leader with a new tax screw (Director Trygve Hegnar, Finansavisen)
LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik has a very different view of tax policy than covering government spending. “There are a lot of people in this country who can still afford more taxes,” she says. It certainly is. Most people can probably afford to pay more taxes. The key word here is “possible”. But tax policy cannot be based on polarizing taxpayers, companies and individuals as much as possible. The goal is not to find a tolerance limit, but one that is competitive and creates the greatest luxury and functionality. Read more

This is how the underdog Marian Hussein won the battle for the deputy commander position in SV (DN)
Marianne Hussein escaped with a surprising victory in the battle for the position of deputy commander of the SV. Representation became a defining argument for everyone who fought for it behind the scenes. Read more

Settlement woke up: – Sad (daily)
Trygve Slagsvold Vedum is concerned that the awakening spell reduces the space for expression. The leader of the Socialist Party says: We must tolerate abuse. Read more

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The war on the “rich” cost the government dearly (Comment by Fritjof Jacobsen, DN)
The government’s crusade against the “rich” was a stunning political failure. Now the party leaders are lining up to demand good weather. Read more

Tired strength (Comment from Kjetil Wiedswang, DN)
Jonas Jar Store is not doing well with voters right now. Nor are his European colleagues. Read more

Eating bloody flesh is what’s left of the ‘rebellion’ (by Astrid Milan, VG)
Center Party leaders attack the sleazy elites. At the national meeting at the weekend, however, it was the elite who won. Read more

Liberals will limit police use of methods: – Unworthy of the rule of law (VG)
Engfield W. Thorsvik (V) this week put forward a proposal to regulate police use of covert interrogation techniques. The background is, among other things, the VG revelations about the murder of police informant Bård Lanes. Read more

The government has a drug problem. And it’s growing. (Written by political editor Kjetil B. Alstadheim, Aftenposten)
Did I say human rights? He is not too cautious of the center party. Read more

Young people in Sp with clear expectations from Mehl. He wants a tougher drug policy from the government. Follow Favorite
The Center Party will give police more tools to detect drug use and possession. It is a clear signal of the government’s drug reform action. Read more

Marian, 19, could become the youngest mayor in the country (NRK)
Marian Roosevatn, 19, is set to become the country’s youngest-ever mayor. For her, Sp top Emilie Enger Mehl was an important role model. Read more

Storr in a new message: The world needs China’s leadership Follow Favorite
The Prime Minister congratulates his new Chinese colleague. – It is unfortunate that Norway continues to legitimize the dictatorship, says the spokesperson for the Millennium Development Goals. Read more

Employment restrictions – illegal protectionism? (finansavicin)
Lawyers Truls Johansen and Asel Skola write that there are many indications that the tightening of recruitment rules from staffing firms is aimed at preventing the influx of foreign workers into Norway. Read more

We don’t know who owns Norwegian wind power (Norwegian Discussion. Written by Peter Ringstad and Sigrid Klopoe Jacobsen, Political Leader and Managing Director, Tax Justice Norway) (Netavisen)
The development of new wind power plants has come to a complete halt in recent years. The main reason is the erosion of trust among affected communities around wind power plants and power developers. Seven out of ten of the largest owners of Norwegian wind power can be traced back to tax havens through ownership or financing. Read more

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He cuts electricity subsidies and wants electricity to be too expensive for people (Online on the topic. By Editor-in-Chief Gunnar Staverum, Netavien)
Economics professor Ola Kavaloy’s argument is economically valid, but not politically relevant. Correct if the question is what gives the highest socio-economic utility measured in krone and krone. However, the answer could be completely wrong if the question is what gives most ordinary people a good life with financial security where they do not have to freeze their homes in one of the coldest and richest countries in the world, a country with a NOK 14,100 billion oil fund. Read more

Q-Dairies dread the hook on the door: – Very anxious (electronic newspaper)
The Q-Dairies receive support from the Consumer Council, but fear that Sp-Sandra will be able to put the hook on the door for them. Read more

Demand action against rising food prices (Dagbladet/DinSide)
A report by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) showed that low-income families in Norway have to spend 39 percent of their income on healthy eating. Mina Gerhardsen, general secretary of the National Public Health Association, wants the government to take action. It is the politicians’ turn to take responsibility for ensuring that the ability to choose healthy food is not a luxury, says Gerhardsen. Read more

about taking action (posted by Janne Haaland Matlary, Professor of Political Science at the University of Oslo and Second Professor at the Norwegian Defense Academy) (DN)
Norway lacks security policy awareness regarding crisis and war. Read more

some corona stuff, etc (posted by Anine Kierulf, Associate Professor, University of Oslo and Special Adviser, The Norwegian Institute for Human Rights) (DN)
It is better not to think about crises. But organizing it without thinking about it is a risky sport. Read more


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