National Team Champions from 1992 – – Based on Ødegaard

National Team Champions from 1992 – – Based on Ødegaard

On Wednesday evening, the Netherlands will visit Norway at the Olivule Stadium. In 1992, Norway won an impressive 2-1, a result that national team manager Stoll Solbakken was likely to be pleased with ahead of tonight’s game.

Norway and the Netherlands are victorious and losing after three World Cup qualifiers, but the orange must be considered the top candidate for the three points.

In 1992, Goran Sorloth was the man to score the crucial 2-1 goal. He is clear about what Norway will need to take the scalp back on the Dutch.

– First of all, we must show that we are Norway. And that means we’ve won all the duels we get into. Then it is slightly set in place. You can get far if you win your duel. It has to happen every time, not every time, but every time. That’s when you feel like you’re in the flow. You have to open your eyes, with your chin up and out. If we do, we have chances, Sorloth tells Dagbladet.

Legend: Goran Sorloth in a duel in the match against Yugoslavia.  Photo: Morten Haval / NTB
Legend: Goran Sorloth in a duel in the match against Yugoslavia. Photo: Morten Haval / NTB
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Under the leadership of Eggel “Drillo” Olsen, the Norwegian national team asserted itself against the major nations of the 1990s. Sørloth sees similarities between the famous coach and the current manager of the national team, Ståle Solbakken.

– In our time, it was never about who we played against, or which players were in the other half of the field. “Drillo” was very good at it, and I see Ståle has some of the same. He has not managed to raise the level of others, but he is very focused on his team, says the former scorer.

exhausted: The national team manager is clearly disturbed by the way the health authorities have handled the measures related to the sport and believes that these measures are a failure.
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defense ring

The Norwegian team’s biggest weakness in recent years has been the defensive line. Christopher Agger (23) was the obvious choice at the time of the layoff, but the big question is who the new Brentford player should be a partner in central defence.

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Stefan Strandberg started both games last season, but Stian Rudi Grigersen and Marius Laud were also players Solbakken used.

For former national team player Kåre Ingebrigtsen, this is where the boot hits hard.

– We have to hit properly defensively. He can do no wrong, then we will be punished. We have to get rid of the mistakes made recently, and have a strong defense. Offensively, we have enough power, says former Dagbladet Rosenberg coach.

In tonight’s match, the formation in which Solbakken will send his team has been speculated. A potential defensive line has been mentioned, but former defending champion Ron Bratseth doesn’t necessarily think it would guarantee a good defensive team.

Stop Fighting: Ron Bratseth in a Duel Against Legend Robbie Fowler.  Photo: Gunnar Lier / NTB
stop fighting: Ron Bratseth in a duel against the legend Robbie Fowler. Photo: Gunnar Lier/NTB
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There are different variables that could work well in terms of defensive safety. So the combination of numbers is often not crucial, but rather the implementation. There must be a bit of annoyance. Ståle clearly hasn’t had a good time, and I think he’s had a lot of question marks with a number of crew and lineup changes, so I’m excited about what he picks, Bratseth tells Dagbladet.

Ingbrigtsen and Bratsith both started the match against the Netherlands in 1992.

Calls for help Haaland

Of all the odds he should deliver on Wednesday night, if Norway are to score against the Netherlands, is Erling Braut Haaland. Jærbuen started the Bundesliga season with six goals in his first three matches, and now there is a lot of excitement over whether the striker will do well in the Norwegian shirt on Wednesday night.

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National team legend Jan Ivar “Minnie” Jacobsen believes the man should take responsibility for feeding Haaland.

– Haaland should be rendered, which means Ødegaard should be clearer. If you look at it a little bit historically, we need someone like Hallvar Thoresen. It’s not that he scored a lot of goals, it’s because he played other goals. For me, Ødegaard could do that role. The former attacking player for Dagbladet said he should take up a little more space than he has done so far.

Asks for more: Jahn Ivar . thinks
Request more: Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jakobsen thinks Ødegaard should show himself. And here in the World Cup qualifiers against Turkey in 1993 .. Norway won 3-1 and Jacobsen scored the third goal. Photo: Tor Richardsen / NTB
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Jacobsen also started the aforementioned match against Holland in 1992.

The big fencing

Ødegaard, Halland & Co.. They must be very sharp if they are to break through the Dutch defensive wall. In the other half of the field is the man Haaland described as his toughest opponent ever, Virgil van Dijk.

It’s a duel Pratsith is looking forward to seeing.

– There are two very quickly and they meet physically. Van Dijk was the best midfielder in the world before he injured himself. We can set up some duels there. Erling relies on having a team working around him, so that he can be well set up. Pratsith concludes that he can’t just conjure.

The match kicks off at Oliveville Stadium at 20:45.

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