Eliteserien: Jakob Napoleon Rosas sank Rosenborg with a brass kick to win Tromsø again

Eliteserien: Jakob Napoleon Rosas sank Rosenborg with a brass kick to win Tromsø again
I can’t believe it: Jacob Napoleon Romasa’s classmates had to shake their heads when they saw the young man’s goal.

(Tromsø-Rosenborg 3-1) Jacob Napoleon Romsas amazing season continued against Rosenborg. This afternoon he brought down the Trønders with a beautiful brass kick and assist. Rosenborg asserts his own efforts.


Jacob Napoleon Romasas was one of the biggest shooting stars of this year’s Elite Series season. Against Rosenborg, he capped off a great season with a dream goal.

After a quarter of time, Westerlund returned to the field and, with his back to goal, sent the 19-year-old Tromsø up front with a beautiful brass kick.

– This boy makes Romasa Arena dream. He scores just amazing goals! TV 2 commentator Peder Mortvedt exclaimed that it was a technical maneuver.

– I don’t want to say it, but that was very good, Romasas told TV 2 during the break when asked if he only scores great goals.

There was simply a class difference between the two teams in the first half.

– That was embarrassing, that was weak, that was Rosenborg coach Sven Malen’s verdict after the first half.

Harjit: Jacob Napoleon Rosas played great against Rosenborg.

The class difference continued in the second half. And just three minutes after the end of the first half, Rosas passed the ball to Ken Ari Antonsen, who doubled the score.

– No, this transgression. “We have very little possession and it’s difficult to control the game,” says Uli Sater, who is back in the line-up after injury. TV 2.

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“We deserved to lose here today, we look drained of energy,” says Mallen after the game.

Tromsø went on to beat Rosenborg, but football is a strange game where chance can turn a game on its head. Mallen made three substitutions, and one of those entered was Isak Thorvaldsson in place of Uli Sater.

It was tough: Uli Sater was unseen for large parts of the match against Tromsø.

After 65 minutes, Rosenborg got lucky when Thorvaldsson shot in the leg and the ball went in a beautiful arc over Jakob Hoggard in the Tromso goal.

That goal gave the Trønders momentum in the game, and ten minutes before half-time Leo Kornik had a fine save from Hoggard.

Five minutes later, Vegard Erlen, the man who came on for Rosas, leveled the game and made it 3-1.

– That was magical. I was a little vindictive when I walked in. It’s always bad to start on the bench, but I was on fire when I came in, says Tronder’s Erlen after the match.

For simple use: Isak Thorvaldsson (right) celebrates with Adrian Pereira after scoring. In the end it turned out to be useless.

Surprisingly, Tromsø did not score more goals. Westerland should have put Tromsø ahead just minutes before Rohms’ artificial goal, but Andre Hansen made two incredible saves from close range.

Tromsø continued to drive over Rosenborg on their own artificial turf and, after just over 20 minutes, Kent Ari Antonsen made it 2-0 to Gothen, but the goal was ruled out for offside.

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Rosenborg got more involved after the half hour, but it was Tromsø who created the chances. Once again, Hansen was powerful on his own line and saved Christophe Saeky’s header off the post and the rebound from the same man.

With today’s victory, Tromsø are now just three points behind Viking, who lead the Eliteserien team. Bodø/Glimt could go up by five points if they beat HamKam later tonight.

Rosenborg is number nine.


Elite series

  • Qualifying for the UEFA Champions League
  • Conference League Playoffs
  • qualify for relegation
  • Landing
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