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These days we are preparing to face dementia this year in Fredrikstad, where we will raise funds for research in an attempt to solve the mystery, the disease, which is sending thousands of people into a darkness that no one understands. Research is absolutely essential to understanding and finding a medical treatment for dementia. And as we prepare now for this year’s fundraiser that will contribute to the treatment of dementia in the future, I hope that at the same time we can shine a light on dementia treatment here and now. Here in Fredrikstad, fall 2021.

Currently, there are several hundred residents of nursing homes in Fredrikstad suffering from dementia. Most of these have relatives around them who are also affected. Thousands of our neighbors, friends, and acquaintances have to deal with dementia every day, and people of all ages are affected by this disease, whether as patients, relatives or healthcare professionals. What are our ambitions really to treat this disease?

There is no medical treatment for dementia today. However, a lot of research has been done on many factors that can alleviate or influence the symptoms and course of the disease. Central is routine, proximity and security. We must facilitate strong environmental measures and a safe and predictable framework for everyone with dementia. This is at least as important, for example, as anticoagulant drugs in heart surgery.

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I think no one would accept that a recent heart surgery patient was told “I’m sorry you didn’t get your anticoagulant medication yesterday, but we were too little on the job.” Yet time and time again I see examples of this happening in the treatment of dementia. Environmental measures are curtailed. The number of employees is declining, the workload is becoming too great, and many health workers are reporting illness. The direct result of this is that dementia patients are not receiving the treatment they need.

Now there is a parliamentary election, where we have all received promises from senior politicians about increased investment in the health sector, including elderly care. It’s cool, but far from the first time we’ve heard of it. But it seems to me that no one has the drive and the obligation to really commit to providing good framework conditions around dementia, until they get the treatment they need. Today. Now in 2021 here in Fredrikstad.

What happens in nursing homes? there they get a room, they get food and care, and at best a little trip to the garden, and reading; air yard. It is very sad when many relatives see how their loved one withers after a short time due to lack of stimulation or activation. Realize that there is a huge difference between users, some will not be incentivized, and others cannot.

It’s a fact that many, with different diagnoses of dementia, can become osteoporotic. This is an expression of insecurity, despair, and a lack of contact with someone who truly cares. Someone who talks kindly, holds his hand, has a lot of time and the ability to be distracting. This is a disease of dementia, and experience is needed to deal with it for everyone who works in a nursing home. Not just nurses.

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No wonder the nurses quit because they were tired, and the health professionals, and the social workers quit because they were tired. No wonder there can be turmoil in the ward when there are constantly new nurses. What qualifications are required of workers in nursing homes, eg during vacations. Is it based on an application for a desirable summer job, is it to earn money for studying, is it based on a desire to make a difference or is it to fill in lost shifts regardless of qualifications? Is this good at treating heart failure or cancer?

Can you who governs, whether it is the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health, the mayor, the mayor, union leaders or other spokespersons, stop talking only about their solutions. It gets pushed from one to the other without anything happening. It does not work.

Listen to relatives. We have handed over our dearest to others, who will take care of them in their last home, because the situation has become too difficult to handle at home. With a heavy heart we do this. Hence it is difficult to test that it is the lunatics who become “annoying” and “aspiring”. Mostly because the tires around them are not good enough. The treatment is not good enough.

Dementia affects more and more people, both younger and younger. We need powerful personal therapy, both now and in the future. Yes! For dementia work to research the future! But yes too! We have big ambitions for dementia treatment in Fredrikstad now! Jon-Ivar Nygård – Will you take the challenge?

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