Consumer, Energy | If you make this energy loss, it can have serious consequences

Consumer, Energy |  If you make this energy loss, it can have serious consequences

(Östlandsposten) Improper energy savings can have serious consequences. The cold in rooms with water mains full of water is an accident waiting to happen.

– At home, the most important tip to avoid frost in pipes is to get a certain amount of heat in all rooms where there are water pipes. In the cabin, it’s especially important to shut off the water inlet by turning off the main tap when you’re not there, warns communications director Sigmund Clements at If.

The temperature is too low

In homes, we experience water damage every winter because the rooms where the water pipes are running are not sufficiently heated. It is a good idea to lower the temperature indoors to save electricity, preferably in some rooms than in others. But not so much that the tubes can freeze, says Clements.

If you think this winter much more people than last winter, then broken pipes in the house and in the cabin.

Prevention and reduction of injuries is something you are obligated to contribute to yourself. In the winter, it’s especially important to do the right things when electricity is so expensive. Serious water damage in the cabin makes it unusable for a long time. If a home’s basement is flooded, your living space will be restricted for weeks while draining and repairs are done by the craftsmen who work for the insurance company, he says.

Duty to cut off water

– It is very important to make sure that the water is turned off from the cabin when you are away, so that insurance companies have a separate point about this in their safety regulations. This is part of your insurance policy, Clements says.

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If you are going to be away from your home for an extended period, you should also close off the water inlet there, in line with safety regulations.

If the injury was caused by gross negligence, you may risk leaving part of the bill on your own.

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