Gina Tricot responds to Bianca Ingrosso’s criticism

Gina Tricot responds to Bianca Ingrosso's criticism

Bianca Angrosso (27) Currently a model in a campaign for clothing giant Gina Knitwear. The clothing brand has received criticism for this. Ingroso is open that she struggled with bulimia growing up, and said she still has an eating disorder.

The criticism of Gina Tricot is not directed at Bianca Ingrosso as a person, but the knowledge and will she uses Model with obvious eating disorders In the introduction to the new group.

Among other things, Camilla Gervaid, the woman behind the blog, has been vehemently against the clothing brand.

In a post entitled Is Gina Tricot deliberately posing as a disordered eating model? The criticism is clearly not aimed at Ingrosso, but rather a company that has a huge impact on young people.

Opens: Bianca Ingroso has struggled with bulimia for several years, and talks about it candidly during a visit to Scaflan on Saturday. Video: TV 2
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responds to criticism

Gervide called for an answer from Gina Tricot, and they’ve now spoken on Instagram. In a now-disappeared post in Instagram’s story post, the company made it clear that they realize they have a responsibility, and that the topic is important to them.

They also wrote that they are a company that works for women, and that they want this to be reflected in their communications.

“We work with Bianca because she is one of Sweden’s leading personalities and a successful professional woman. In her social media she brings up the topic and there is discussion and openness. In the past year we have collaborated with Bianca, but also other profiles and models to always be comprehensive and inspiring”, one of the things that they write.

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They also write that they value feedback on products and campaigns in general, but do not tolerate comments that are negatively charged and directed at individuals.

Link: Through the Walgreen World series, one gains insight into the lives of daughter Bianca Ingrosso and mother Pernilla Walgreens. But their relationship was not always as good as it is today. Now they say what changed him. Reporter: Henriette Eilertsen. Video: Thea Hope / WWII / Red Runner
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not satisfied

However, Gervide followers believe that Jenna Tricot’s answer falls short.

“That’s really not an answer. The criticism was directed at Gina Tricot, who has moved away from her previous policy of communicating only with people without eating disorders. It’s embarrassing that they chose to bend to criticism in this way,” one follower wrote.

Another agrees and believes that criticism was never directed at individuals.

“Comments aimed at a person? After all, comments target Gina Tricot and question their choice of model,” the person writes.

Get references: Bianca Ingrosso shared a YouTube video where she and several other Swedish influencers danced and hugged each other. Then she received a slap from the Swedish government.
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“The answer is bad. People who don’t follow Bianca then, and don’t know everything about her and her openness about eating disorders? How will they know if you don’t follow her. Anyway, young people are fed unhealthy ideals. I think Bianca is a nice person, so there’s nothing Bad in them,” he writes ter.

Ingroso himself has not commented on the case.

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