Making a Netflix movie from Tromso –

Making a Netflix movie from Tromso –

-This would be a great Christmas gift.

Hilde Kurseth, from the Nordic Norwegian Film Commission, made no secret of her excitement when she revealed Netflix was coming to Tromsø. Early in January, the streaming giant begins filming a new Christmas movie.

“Compared to other major film productions, this came together quickly,” she says of the film project.

Locally known manager

iTromsø has learned that Storgata and other places in the center are planned registration sites. Consideration will also be given to filling the Alfheim pool with water again, with the indoor swimming hall becoming a site.

Korsæth believes the registration will have ripple effects on local players.

Tromsø has previously proven to be a great film-friendly city, and the municipality, Visit Tromsø and the business association all helped with this project, she says.

The Netflix film is based on the book “Snøsøsteren” by Maja Lunde. As previously reported by iTromsø, Cecily Mosley serves as director. But it is not the manager’s local knowledge that makes her an employee.

– Cecily and I have worked together before, so it will be fun. We also have photographer and Tromsø boy John Erling Holmenis Frederiksen, says the film’s producer, Bryde Hovland.

Local: Cecily Mosley from Malangen and Tromsø is directing the film.
picture: scanpick

Sad “I feel happy”

Hovland hasn’t had the chance to reveal the cast yet, but the producer will be bringing a crew of about 40 people to Tromsø.

The producer refers to the film as a “feel-good” movie, even though the subject matter is of the sad kind.

The film’s events revolve around a young boy who tries to help his family celebrate Christmas after the death of his sister.

Darkness and snow were among the reasons for choosing Tromsø as a filming location, according to Hovland.

– Tromsø has what we need in terms of environment and nature, he says.

He will be filming in Storgata

There were still big challenges while filming in Tromsø from mid-January to February.

– There are two festivals then, in addition to the fact that it is in the middle of the tourist season. So coming to Tromsø at this time of year is not exactly cheap. We didn’t have enough money to provide funds through cultural funds, says Hovland, and praised local forces that came up with solutions.

Another major challenge presented itself to the filmmakers, who had planned to film in the city centre. Using Storgata as a location will not be easy, due to ongoing construction on the pedestrian street.

– We discovered this on our second trip to Tromsø. Now it looks as if we can reconcile the two construction periods, creating a beautiful urban environment in Storgata. Once again, we were met with great goodwill in Tromsø. The municipality, the business association, Visit Tromsø, Tvibit and Hilde Korseth helped us greatly,” says Hovland.

The plan is to have the film ready for release by Christmas 2024, according to the Nordic Film Commission.

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