News Shall we dance | Harsh reactions to Dance Christer: – We should judge the dance, not the story

News Shall we dance |  Harsh reactions to Dance Christer: – We should judge the dance, not the story

The theme of the day for the dancers in TV2’s Skal vi danse was to tell a story from their youth. The dance was to be dedicated to someone special. For Finstadbro’s colleague, Christer Rudseth, the choice fell on a family member. The dance was supposed to be in honor of his grandmother, Redon.

-She was a small lady with a lot of fur. There was nothing about grandma saying best west. Except maybe for the amount of brown cream she had, Rudseth told TV2 and smiled.

He could talk about a committed grandmother who had no prejudices.

-I came out of the closet as a weird young man, but I never told my grandmother. She understood and told me. If you don’t bring a girl soon, you can bring a boy. I thought it was very nice, and we had a close relationship, he commented further.

Christer was with his grandmother often. He was also the one who found Grandma the night she died.

-Then I had to call my mother to tell her she was gone. “This is probably the worst thing I’ve ever done in my entire life,” Rudseth told TV2 before the dance.

difficult feedback

Morten Hegseth was the first of the referees to provide comments.

-You’re kind of beautiful. We must judge by the dance and not by the story. It is expected that she will be appointed. I became one from what was said, but not from dancing. “This was not a memorable dance for me,” Hegseth said.

His fellow judge shared his take on the dance they had just witnessed on the wooden floor of Fornebu.

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– Everyone has a strong story and a great motivation tonight. You’re walking the steps today, not dancing them. Unfortunately. You tell a beautiful, beautiful story. “I’m sure your family is proud of you,” Merity Lingard said after the dance.

Rødseth handled the comments well.

– They are right and they can do it here. You just have to take the feedback seriously, even if you’re clearly hoping for the best. There were a lot of emotions tonight, the dancer comments.

Rødseth received a total of 17 points from the judges. Trine Dehli Cleve gave six points, Morten Hegseth five points and Merethe Lingjærde six points. 17 points was the second-lowest score for the judges on Saturday.

But although the judges were harsh on Rodseth, the public were generous with their votes. Christer Rudseth missed the duel and is at the next dance.

Criticism of judges is fuel to the fire. “Now I have more motivation to drive for another week,” he said on the live broadcast when it became clear that he would also be dancing next Saturday.

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