Sarah Emily Tandberg strongly opposes clothing chains that use the XXL size

Sarah Emily Tandberg strongly opposes clothing chains that use the XXL size

HeyToday it has become known H&M-owned Monki cuts several sizes. The chain has stores spread across the country, and previously offered sizes XXL in all clothing, and sizes 24 to 40 in jeans.

Now, they will drop sizes above XL and only offer jeans in sizes 23-34.

The reason for the reduction must be a decrease in demand, according to the chain itself.

He was My fashion Who mentioned it first.

The move has received strong reactions and many famous faces are now taking to social media to express their displeasure with the store chain.

Among them is Sarah Emily Tandberg (31 years old).

On her Instagram page, she shared her thoughts candidly:

“I get goosebumps while reading, and I feel how painful it is when supermarket chains with such great influence choose to go back in time.”

More expensive to produce

As a apparel entrepreneur, Tandberg herself has experience producing clothing, and explains that it can be more expensive to have a wider range of sizes.

“You can easily get a factory price from XS to XL (daily note), and when you indicate you want both XXS and XXL, the price can go up,” the influencer explains.

Therefore, the chains should spread the cost across all sizes, rather than cutting off some, the 31-year-old believes.

Isn't it bad that you have to either sew your own clothes or start a store yourself, in order to get something as ordinary as clothes that fit you?», the reaction of followers in the comments section, which caught fire.

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Too bad».

Real staircase…».

They have always been a huge favorite of mine because they were comfortable clothing in regular sizes, but the fact that they are cutting sizes after XXL makes me so sad».

At the same time, there are those who point out the abundance of fast fashion:

Have you ever thought what if you leave clothing stores in abundance with these sizes?»

A used luxury bag is being sold for an amazing amount

A used luxury bag is being sold for an amazing amount

Monki's communications manager, Nadine Schmidt, told Dagbladet that they are always working to test, learn, fine-tune and improve the selection to give the customer the best collections experience.

– Monkey has always championed diversity, equality and inclusion, and we are grounded in these values ​​that have guided us since the beginning.

Influencer Tandberg says she's tired of clothing chains talking about diversity, which, according to the 31-year-old, is not reflected in the merchandise they sell.

– Damn tired

She also believes that many restaurant chains claim to have a selection of 'plus size' items, but only for those with extra kilos in the 'right' places.

- It was way down

– It was way down

Sarah Emily Tandberg extends her sympathy to all those who now have a smaller selection of stores to shop at:

“I feel sorry for everyone who is left out. Everyone who has fewer stores to shop in. Everyone who feels bad about making decisions like this. Stop.”

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