Bang starts at WC for boys handball

Bang starts at WC for boys handball

The Handball World Cup is underway for boys handball, and North Macedonia is the top contender in the preliminary round. Norway were big favorites going into the match, but it was a young and fast team who stood on the other side of the half.

The match started at a high pace, and it was Sander Sagosin who opened the ball with the first score of the match. Ahead of the field, the handball boys played well, solving Macedonia’s poorly assembled defence. It was still relatively even for the first ten minutes of the game, and North Macedonia held on well. The score was 5-3 to Norway.

After some rough treatment by Magnus Gullerud on the line, North Macedonia was kicked out, and in the extra time match the handball boys were good. Sagosin provided two beautiful assists that made the job easier for Harald Renkend and Gullyrud respectively, who sent Norway ahead 8-5 after the break. At the back, the handball boys somewhat struggled to stop North Macedonia, especially their assistant, who scored both penalties and goals. When 18 minutes were played, the scoreboard was tied at 9-9.

After three minutes and an overtime period, Norway led by three goals again, a lead they held until five minutes left in the first half. The handball boys increased their lead in the last minutes with good team play and individual performance. Magnus Abelvik Rød played well, making several good moves both forward and backward on the court. The two teams entered the second half at 18-11.

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Magnus Abelvik Rød reminded us why we’ve been missing him in recent tournaments, with six nets and good defensive performances.

The handballers worked closely and well together in defence, and North Macedonia didn’t get a good chance in the first attack. There were also quite a few hiccups of the handball players advancing on the field, but Sagosin took responsibility and, as in the first half, got the first score of the half. Good defensive play continued, and while the North Macedonians struggled to get good chances, that faded onto the field for the Norwegian players. About ten minutes into the first half, the handball boys increased their lead by ten goals, with the score at 25-15.

The next period started well for the handball players, but in the end there was a lot of space in defense. Macedonia played 7v6 and kept going, winning the next period 7-4. After Jonas Wille timed out, it wasn’t long before they regained the lead by an hour. From now on, there was no doubt, and the handball boys won their first World Cup match comfortably 39-27.

Magnus Abelvik Rød smiled broadly after the match, telling Viaplay the following:

– It was very interesting to play this match, I just went and laughed a little. I am happy that we are able to complete such a good match.

He was somewhat modest about his performance, but said he was satisfied:

– No, that was nice. It was good to start. He said that there were some nerves, but everything worked out, and then it’s interesting to play a match.

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The handball boys will face Argentina in the next match. It will take place on Sunday (15.01) at 20.30, you can watch the match on Viaplay / TV3 or listen to it on NRK Radio.

Fighting Facts
World Cup 2023, Men – Group Stage
Norway – North Macedonia: 39-27 (18-11)
Torun Square, Krakow, Poland
Norway top scorer: Magnus Abelvik Rød and Sander Sagosen, with six goals
North Macedonia top scorer: Philip Taliski with seven goals
expulsion: Norway 2 x 2 min, North Macedonia 3 x 2 min

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