Taiwan buys 20,000 bottles of Lithuanian rum from China – VG

Taiwan buys 20,000 bottles of Lithuanian rum from China - VG
Room: ties the floor together.

Thousands of bottles of rum from Lithuania were on their way to China, but according to Taiwan, they never risked entering the country.

Now the country is sharing tips and tricks on the best way to use rum, whether for drinks or for cooking, according to BBC.

The channel reported that Lithuania established an unofficial embassy in Taiwan last year, in a possible sign of growing ties between the two countries. The next day, China downgraded its relations with Lithuania.

long struggle

Taiwan, or the Republic of China, as it is actually called, has actually been independent since 1949, but it is not recognized as an independent country and is not a member of the United Nations.

China still considers Taiwan part of its territory, which has contributed to increasing pressure to isolate the island from other countries.

State-owned Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corp (TTL) claims it bought Lithuanian rum after Taiwan’s finance minister told them it could be stopped at the border with China. TTL thought they had reason to believe the liquor would not reach China, because shipments of beer had also been halted.

TTL and the room’s manufacturer, MV Group Productions, have not commented on the matter.

In a Facebook post, Taiwan’s National Development Board is now encouraging people to buy rooms at the end of January, when the acquired room will be in place in stores.

They also share cocktail recipes you can make with rum, and different ways to use rum in your food.

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Tip: This was among the suggestions Taiwan’s National Development Council shared with people on Facebook.

In the post, they also ask people to support Lithuania, and to emphasize that the countries have a friendly tone, he writes Watchman.

Denies the trade embargo

China has denied stopping trade with Lithuania, which is a violation of global trade rules. But the EU says, according to the BBC, it has received confirmation from member states about withholding goods from Chinese customs.

This is not the first time that China has been accused of imposing trade sanctions against other countries. There are currently boycotts of about a dozen Australian commodities, including beef, wine and barley.

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