The country’s energy policy continues to fail

The country's energy policy continues to fail

Although we have good amounts of rain in several places in the country and Tanks are full againthe government chooses to export it on complete idiot. Norway pay now more In electricity prices compared to several European countries and are rarely much lower. The government has had many opportunities to take action on electricity prices, but it has chosen to further let down the Norwegian people.

While Industry Minister Jean-Christian Pfister (AFP) says that Companies will go bankrupt Because of the electricity prices allocated by the government hundreds of millions It offers billions of dollars in loan guarantees to battery factories that drain water tanks.

With Labor in government, we’re seeing a transfer of ownership of natural resources from people to energy companies, says Lars Barstad Lovold, leader of the Sunnmøre FpU. Photo: private

Insufficient use of the new company ÅEnergi, Morrow, He gets 150 million To build battery factories that drain water tanks more. With Labor in government, we see ownership of natural resources shifting from the people to the energy companies.

important competitive advantage

Cheap energy is a very important competitive advantage for Norway. We have always had the most metal and process industries (measured per capita) and we have had many large investments that are now threatened by electricity prices. Many industrial projects were rejected due to lack of energy Several places in Norway. Many Norwegian companies have survived two world wars, but are now on their way out of business busty due to high electricity prices.

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Organizing is necessary

This is one of the many reasons why we need to regulate hydropower. The Progress Party will organize the emptying of the water tanks so that the degree of filling is not less than the normal rate for the season.

Cheap energy is not only important for industry, but also for all Norwegian households. Today’s government has shown a complete lack of action, we need to take back control of natural resources. Norwegian families and companies should not bear the consequences of failed policy in Europe.


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