Sports, Football | A crazy end to the game at Gjøvik Stadium

Sports, Football |  A crazy end to the game at Gjøvik Stadium

Jovic Lyn – Strommen 1-1 (0-0)

Crown’s big home game at Gjøvik was a war of sports between two equal teams on Saturday afternoon.

The match took a crazy turn near the end, as both teams scored with a minute left, thus ending in a points split.

Attitude war

Gjøvik-Lyn’s first chance came after nine minutes, Jesper Sydbøge getting a good chance on a set piece.

Sedbug was positive throughout the game, both offensively and defensively for the home team.

Gjøvik-Lyn was ahead several times in the first quarter, as Rocky Lekaj tested his footing in shooting, but Strømmen’s goalkeeper was on the scoresheet.

Despite injuries to several key players, Lin showed his muscles in the first quarter toward fourth place in the table.

dead ball

The home team got several corner kicks in the first half, but they were unable to convert them into big chances. With injuries to players like physically strong George Gibson and Daniel Kraska, there was a bit of gunpowder missing in the box for the red shirts.

The visitors didn’t make much in the first half, but they did go through a transitional phase, with a Strommen player throwing himself onto the field, claiming a penalty. The chief referee was sure of his condition, and left the match.

The guests did their homework well. It’s been an eternal battle to get around Tobias Hestad, who doesn’t have enough room to move forward..


Both teams came out at a higher pace, but after the first hour mark, they were about the same distance.

Tobias Hestad, who had one and two Strommen players hanging on him throughout the match, finally managed to get a useful chance, but the shot was too weak, and the guests went up.

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The guests had most of the ball, but could not get Gjøvik’s team out of position. The Red Shirts showed good discipline on defense, but had little production on the field.

Just approx

The fans woke up in the 66th minute when Roque Likaj launched himself into the field, but the end was not achieved.

Gjøvik-Lyn kept pushing, but his pressure was not rewarded.

Strømmen had their second biggest chance in the 74th minute as they struggled through the Gjøvik-Lyn defence.

Only the well-placed Jesper Sedbug in first stopped Strommen’s attempt.

Giant chance

Suddenly the match exploded and both teams took more chances.

First, Strømmen had the biggest chance, when they swung the ball behind Gjøvik-Lyn’s backline.

The tip of the boot hung on and the ball was full speed towards the goal, but Portuguese giant Rafael Veloso was standing there with his arm thrown off – and so Jovik Lin stayed in the game.

See the opportunity here:

Power came, 80 minutes played and a free kick on the right outside the penalty area.

Maire followed that up with a gem from a free kick, which was again fouled by Veloso.

The ball almost bounced on the line, but Friedrich Bjornrod sacrificed himself and kicked the ball wide in a deft manner.

Watch Veloso’s witty save here:

Dramatic ending

The match took an absolutely crazy turn when Strommen scored the first goal a minute before the match was due.

Strømmen, who forcefully pushed Gjøvik-Lyn onto the field, finally got paid for their work, and scored the winning goal.

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In the same minute, Jesper Sedbug, who was the big figure in this match, came and hit the equaliser, so the teams were level.

Here Gjøvik-Lyn answers in the same minute:

Roque Lecaj had a free kick opportunity in the extra time of extra time. Lekaj curled it around the wall, but the goalkeeper lay like a tiger in the corner, so the match ended 1-1.

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